About Dave (and Eva)

Gender: Male - Married
My wife Eva doesn't write the posts on the blog, but she contributes with pictures occasionally and certainly makes suggestions on things to write about.  Her most common suggestion is, "You are entirely too long winded."  She also remarks, "You sure take the long way around the barn." and every once in a while, she will say, "The people just want to know what time it is; you tell them how to build a fancy clock."  We have two great kids and a grandchild.
Dave, Eva, our son and daughter with Panda and Gracie (2009)
I like to eat, I enjoy taking pictures, and I keep a camera with me most of the time. If I'm eating something good or see something worth taking a picture of, I like to share it. I used to write a blog called SilverCreek78250 which was a lot of fun to do, but very time consuming.  When we moved out here, I decided to change up the routine a bit, slow down on the time I spent blogging and write about the adventures we have while settling into our new home. Living Out Here comes from the idea that, compared to where we used to live, we are really out in the country.  In reality, 20 years from now, I suspect we'll be fighting the traffic and feel like we are in a regular suburban neighborhood, but with a huge yard.

Location:  Natalia, TX
Technically, we don't live in the city limits of Natalia.  Our little piece of Texas is situated between the small towns of Lytle (in Atascosa County) and Natalia (in Medina County).  We are about 5 miles from both towns.  A few other items that may come up: 
  • Yes, the deer seen in the background and the banner page were taken using my deer cam that is mounted the our fence.  
  • We don't live on a huge ranch or anything like that.  Our yard is just over three acres in a not so populated sub-division.  
  • We have actual asphalt roads, mail service, running water and we don't have to climb the telephone pole to send an e-mail.  

Interests Hamburgers, Catfish, Onion Rings, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Steak, Ribs, Restaurants 

Contact: Need more info?  Why not send me an e-mail at Dave(dot)Stone(dot)TX@gmail(dot)com 


Linda Medrano said...

For some reason, I'm having difficulty leaving comments on your blog. Your photos are fantastic and I love your rhetoric too. I never expected such beauty in Texas for some reason. I'm glad you opened my eyes to it. Nice to see you and your beautiful family.

Dave said...

Problem solved!

Any comments that are made on a post older than a few weeks or a month ago have to be moderated. Blogger sends me an e-mail, I make sure it isn't Spam and like magic, it is posted!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog and leave a comment - even if it was difficult to get posted!