Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Well, This is Overdue...

So I feel bad that I sort of let this thing fall into Internet abandon.  As I get older, I sort of thought time would slow down, but it doesn't.  Here we are; five years later and the whole Living Out Here comes to a close.

My lack of blogging, of telling you about My Daily Deer, the places we got some good vittles from, or the exciting fun we've had out here with home improvement projects, none of that has to do with why I need to formally wrap this up.  Truth is, you'll be shocked to know that we've decided to sell the place and move back to, huge gasp, civilization.

We've loved our place in the country and it really, really is going to be a huge adjustment.  But having said that, the decision to move took all of ten minutes over some fried chicken at the Bill Miller's in Lytle.  It was sudden, but it was level headed and it was unanimous.

When we moved out here, it was honestly a new and exciting dream come true.  But we pursued that dream with both of our kids in the military and living away from home with no expectation that they'd be back in Texas anytime soon.  Fast forward and both are back in San Antonio with families and now we have grandchildren with more on the way.  Oh, everyone loves it here, but the truth is, they live in San Antonio out of necessity.  That makes for a lot of long drives.  You know Eva isn't letting those grand-babies go into daycare.  No offense to daycare.

So we contacted our Realtor (seriously, the best in the business) and the very first person to walk into the house a few days later bought it.  We were sitting in the truck waiting for them to leave and I got a text from the showing company that said: "Amazing home. Client is making an offer."  And they did; and then some.

Our reaction was an astonished, "Oh, shit, now what?"  We really had no plan aside from getting closer to the kids.

I'll spare you the details aside from saying that, again, if you live anywhere near San Antonio and you have the need for a Realtor, I could not offer a bigger recommendation; but we sifted through dozens and dozens of potential properties, none of which had any yard to compare to our three acres.
Living Out here has given us such tremendous enjoyment.  I'm only sorry that the blog of the same name never really was able to show how much enjoyment we got out of this place.  The small towns, or our Tri-City Metropolis of Lytle-Natalia-Devine provided us with some good restaurants, some really friendly folks and a truly nice place to live.

I did have a goal when we moved in and I said I did not want to wait to become an involved resident.  We started attending our homeowner meetings immediately, and before long, I was on the board, and as of this month, I'm still the board president. Again, I'll spare you the specifics, but I feel comfortable that I have left a very positive mark on my community and am saddened to leave behind a bunch of great neighbors who all have shared this dream of getting away from the traffic and the congestion.

We leave this place excited to move into a beautiful new home on what amounts to a postage stamp of a yard.  There is a Starbucks in walking distance (okay, driving distance for me) and we'll be able to gawk at pretentious shoppers at La Canterra while we enjoy a cool beverage at The Yardhouse or some similar spot.  It's all good.  In fact, now that we've pulled the trigger, I'm genuinely excited about getting more than dial-up speeds for my Internet.

As a final note, thank you for those of you who took time to read this blog and the previous one.  You know, I still get hits and comments and e-mails from the previous one.  I think the art of blogging has slowly given way to things like Twitter and Facechat and Grindr (I have no idea what I'm talking about), but for those of you who have stopped by to check in on us, thank you.


I would be remiss if I did not take one moment to offer my gratitude to those of you who have served as we take note of Veteran's Day.  I have too many family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who have served - the list could go on and on.  But I want to make a special note to think of our family friend, Dane Balcon and to fellow blogger Kieth Alan K's father, both of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

Again, thanks for reading.