Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekend Road Trip: Part One...

I'll preface this right up front with saying, it may take me longer than the actual trip to post the details of it, but, considering we took quite a few pictures and spent three days driving aimlessly along the back roads of Texas, I figure I ought to tell you about it.
We started the trip with a fairly enjoyable afternoon drive to Fredericksburg.  The idea was to meet up with the kids and have lunch and shop and such, and then we would stay the night there before heading on to day two.  We've been to Fredericksburg before and I'm sure I've posted about it, but I'll offer up a few notes for those interested.
A few key points of interest noted included lunch at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, shopping (of course) and an afternoon drink at the Silver Creek Beer Garden.
First, thumbs up to the folks at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company.  I had never been before and by the time we arrived, I was starving.  The atmosphere of the place is what you would expect considering the name.  Huge containers with fermenting beer in them provided the backdrop for the long bar.  As we waited briefly to be seated, we could look down at the vent pipes to see the wort pushing air bubbles into pales of water.  It was a larger scale version of what we see in our own beer brewing process.
Prior to being served lunch, we enjoyed a flight of the different beers they offer.  Yes, whenever taking pictures of beer, always have them posed in front of the pregnant lady.
For me, the winner was clearly the Honey Cream Ale.  I thought a few of the IPAs had great taste but I'm not much for that aftertaste that comes.
For lunch, several of us had the Brewmaster Burger which was enjoyably spicy.  I swear, jalapenos make the burger for me.  All in all, not overly expensive and we were all very pleased.
We did enjoy walking up and down the Main Street shops.  Interestingly, I thought the Christmas Store and Dooley's 5 and Dime were two places worth a good look.  Since most of us don't shop for Christmas stuff year round, I was please to see the eclectic mix of stuff being sold.  Eva ended up spending more than a few dollars there, none of which was Christmas related.  And in the 5 & dime, I managed to find just a bunch of really unnecessary things that I couldn't live without.   
As a bonus, somebody parked a pretty sweet Corvette on one side of the street and I had to wonder if the owner was secretly watching me drool.  Check your local listings for America's funniest fat guys attempt to sit in little cars.

We stopped into the Silver Creek Beer Garden for an afternoon beer and decided to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather and occasional cool breeze. At some point, my son was convinced that a bird had pee'd on his head, but we all laughed it off thinking he was imagining things.  And then, I looked up into a tree and saw a bird directly above my daughter.  Just as the bird dropped a bomb, I yelled "Watch out!".  She was spared a direct hit but the bird did leave a plop of poo right on the table.  Good times.
We've been to Fredericksburg many times but never bothered to stop into Fischer & Wieser's Das Peach Haus.  This time we did and what a wonderful treat.  The picture above shows the outdoor pine tree area.  More than just a little out of place for this part of Texas.  One of the nice folks inside told me that the trees were brought in in the 1920's and now, you can enjoy the beauty while sitting out on one of the picnic tables or the Adirondack chairs.  

Inside, beyond the mouthwatering jars of everything wonderful and samples to prove it, the people were just so friendly and engaging.  Honestly, you could spend an hour in this pace and not realize the time had gone by.  We ended up with a huge jug of peach cider, several bottles of the Habanaro & Ginger sauce and a big jar of peaches.  If you make it to Fredericksburg, I urge you to stop in and enjoy the place.

The kids left us there to head back to San Antonio, and Eva and I made our way to check in at the hotel.  I know that most of you probably go for the Bed & Breakfast type set-up, but I'm just going to tell you, that ain't our thing.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn on Main, and we could not have asked for a better place the relax after the long day of walking.  We had visions of going out for dinner in the evening, but opted instead to hit the HEB for some snacks.    It was Sunday night and we watched The Walking Dead, ate cheese and crackers and made ourselves ready for the next part of our trip, which I'll write about in the next post.   

Don't be holding your breath or anything drastic...

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