Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lunch Report: Timbo's and Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market...

We met friends Saturday morning at the Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market to walk around, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, grab some coffee at Local, and even take a short lap along the River Walk to see Carlos Cortez' Grotto.  In spite of driving through some heavy rain between Lytle and San Antonio, the morning was spectacular with very much appreciated cool breezes to keep us from melting in the sun.
Before lunch, a few pictures of the Farmers Market in case you still haven't made it down.  This was a nice little band performing some fun songs that had little kids and a few adults dancing in the street.
The market itself is geared toward folks looking to buy organic foods.  Lots of hipsters, lots of people with well behaved dogs, and lots of things to see if you enjoy people watching.
Local Coffee is a favorite of my son and though I'm just a regular coffee drinker, I can tell you it was more than a step above what you get at your convenience store.  Quick service, dapper baristas and no more expensive than Starbucks.
The section of RiverWalk near the Pearl is a great walk with lots of nice views.  Under the Newell Street bridge is The Grotto.  Just go see it and look.  Pretty cool.
Lots of cute birds and such inhabit the area and they have done a remarkable job with the landscaping.  It is all good.
We had to rest my knees for a minute in front of La Gloria before walking across the market to Timbo's.
So the story behind Timbo's is that he started working at Little Hipp's just out of high school and made his way from barback to manager before the place closed in 2002.  With all that experience, Timbo went into business for himself and brought with him a lot of the spirit and menu from Little Hipp's, and you are up to date.
This is one that has been on our to-do list for years, but frankly, timing was just never good.  Today, we were at the Pearl and parked directly across the street so there was no more excuses.
Inside, we loved the place.  It's that old atmosphere you'd find if you were out on the road and came upon an old ice house or roadside burger place.  And there is beer!
The bacon cheeseburger I got featured really good bacon, the kind that holds together on the burger then crumbles, almost melts in your mouth. 
The burger patties themselves seemed to be of the frozen variety, but grilled up right and complimentary of a well dressed burger.  Buns were soft and fresh, and grilled as you would expect.
When served, they give you the standard lettuce, onions and pickles on the burger and make mustard, mayo and ketchup available on the side.  The chilled mayo containers are perfect for mixing up a little dipping sauce for the tots and fries.
For our table of five, we got a large basket mixed with tots and fries.  Honestly, just go with the tots.  The fries are bad, but nobody likes fries when tots are available.

Overall we had a good experience with Timbo's.  It's one of those places that I'd be happy to enjoy again if I'm in the area.  We got there at noon when they opened and honestly, I was surprised at the lack of other customers (one couple came in during the full hour we were there), especially given the traffic at the Farmer's Market just across the street.  On the other hand, I'm guessing that the majority of the people who attend the organic food farmers market aren't the Timbo's type.

Mark another one off our list of places to visit!

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