Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Daily Deer: Cats, Deer, Beer...

Between the deer camera and my iPhone, I've got a handful of new deer pictures to show.
Like a morning a week or two ago when I pulled out of the drive-way to find several deer crossing the street.  I had to stop to get my phone ready to take a picture and only got one good shot before they decided it was time to run. 
Then this week, same thing, better picture.  Since I use my phone for podcast listening, I have to grab it, bring up the camera app and then try to quickly focus.  I guess this is why the deer camera gets better pictures.
Like when Little Kitty has been out prowling around and sneaks back into the yard.
She isn't the only jumper.  I do like the photos of the deer jumping the fence.
And of course, once they are close to the camera they always seem curious about it.
It's not just deer and cats caught in the act...  I think this was the day I was going around to all the trees chopping off little limbs that were starting to make Eva nervous.  The more of this I can do on my own, the longer we can hold off on hiring a tree company to come in and do the trees.  Granted, if we hire someone, they probably won't come equipped with a machete in one hand and a beer in the other!


MsBelinda said...

I love seeing the deer pictures. Little Kitty got caught in the act, wonder where she sneaks off to?

A friend of mine bought me a machete last year after he confiscated my Harbor Freight one saying it was a POS the year before.

Too bad he was intoxicated most of the time in Terlingua and did not show me how to properly sharpen one. Any advice?

Dave said...

@Ms. Belinda: You know, I've never actually sharpened this one. I have a smaller Bowie knife and a K-Bar that my brother-in-law will sharpen for me using a grinding stone. He does such a great job that I've never bothered to try for myself.

Home on the Range said...

I first thought I mis-read "beer" then I laughed when I got down to the picture. As always, I love the deer pictures.

MsBelinda said...

Appreciate the reply.

Unknown said...

The deer are thick this time of year