Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Weekend: Bluebonnets and Touristy Things...

We had a really enjoyable visit this past weekend from my oldest brother, Dennis and his wife Denise, in town for the Basic Training graduation of their son-in-law.  It was nice to see everyone and it gave us a reason to eat some barbecue (catered by Grady's) and take them out to see some of the local sights.
The bluebonnets are in full bloom here, so on Saturday we had our granddaughter, our nephew's kids and my my brother's grandson out here playing and enjoying the great weather.  This photo of Isabella and Jonah really says it all!  Someone on Facebook told Eva that these two looked like that scene from Ferris Beuller where the parking attendants take off in the classic Ferrari.
The two best months out here are October and March; October because we are done with 100 degree days and March, because it isn't 100 degrees yet and the Bluebonnets are beautiful.  I've done my usual trick of mowing areas that don't have the pretty flowers and I'm sure when it is time to more the rest of it down, it'll be quite a chore, but we'll appreciate the floweres while we have them.

On Sunday, we took Dennis and Denise to see some of the old standbys.  Bussey's flea market was a hit with them, even though the wind picked up and the temperature dropped.  Lots of good stuff to dig through, and best of all, it put us in reasonable proximity to New Braunfels which meant the obligatory trip to Buc-cees and a mandatory visit to Clear Springs Restaurant off Hiway 46.
I relayed the story of how our grandfather found Clear Springs during a visit in the 1990's and that we had been going there ever sense.  I think it is rare that you find a place that can remain so consistently good for so long.  

Later, we took a quick tour of The Alamo, The Menger Hotel and of course a quick circuit along the river walk. San Antonio (and the surrounding area) is truly a destination that requires more than a few days, and I think this little taste was enough to make them contemplate return visits fairly soon.

Congratulations to A1C Jonathon Rosa who was selected as a BMT Honor Graduate and moves on to tech school training at Ft Sam today.

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