Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Daily Deer: Jump!

I know I have been slacking in posting deer pictures but honestly, if you could see my Deer Drive (a hard drive with nothing but deer pictures) you'd see how many of them look pretty much the same.  These days, the only thing that catches my eye is a nice daytime picture or fancy tricks.
I love it when we catch a deer in the act of jumping over the fence.  Of course, if you drive through the neighborhood any day of the week, you'll see how effortlessly these guys can do it.  You also see how frustrating and scary it is for the little ones who aren't quite big enough to clear the fence.  I tend to just stop my truck and let them calm down enough to find a gate they can slip through rather than watch the little ones butt repeatedly into the fence. 
And here is a fence jumper staring into the camera with a guilty look on his face.  He is saying, It's cool for me to be here, right?
Finally,  a few daytime pictures.  These are really my favorites.  These guys are too small to jump the fence, but they'll get there.



i love deer, dear the pictures.

MsBelinda said...

I had never considered that little deer can not jump like their mothers.

Cute pictures.