Sunday, February 2, 2014

ManCave Update: A Whirlwind of Activity...

As mentioned in the post Saturday morning, yesterday was all about getting things hooked up - the electrical, the speakers, the sound.  We got a lot of work done fast-forwarding our schedule quite a bit.  Honestly, we've moved a lot faster than I expected.
 The most exciting thing for me was getting the in-wall speakers installed.  When you connect the speakers by themselves, the sound is like that of a transistor radio.  They need the enclosure of a cabinet or in our case, the walls to bring out the rich stereophonic sound. 

Amazingly, our wires were exactly where we expected them to be and without a whole lot of trouble, we got all six speakers installed.  Our set-up for the in-wall speakers is 2 of the Tru-Audio Earthquakes mounted to the side of the projector screen, 2 of the Tru-Audio B-631 surround speakers mounted on the side walls of the room and then 2 of the 8in round ones (I can't recall the model) mounted on the back walls. 
As my son worked on the speakers, I installed the air conditioner (we used a window unit mounted through the wall) and finished the electrical outlets and switches.  Once we had all the electricity in place, we decided to mount the projector so we test it out.  Keep in mind, we still needed to paint the screen with the good paint.  I have to admit, at first, I freaked out when the screen size wasn't matching up to the picture, but once we read the instructions we realized it was operator error!
 It took a little while but we got things all leveled and adjusted.  It is amazing when you see how big a 110" screen in a normal size room looks.
Here are a few screen shots of the picture - still with just the primer on.  Obviously, I standing off to the side, hence the weird angle.
The last thing we did Saturday night was to paint the screen with the special paint.  And this morning, this is what it looks like.  You can also see we installed the center speaker and sub-woofer.  The sound is simply incredible. 
One funny little situation that happened as we were hooking up all the wires to the receiver.  While my son was working with the speaker wires, I had to solder the connectors for the sub-woofer.  The sub-woofer by the way is a real technical mystery.  There are so many switches and knobs and terminals on the back of it, we sat there scratching our heads.  I'll have to do some reading on it.  Anyway, we had only had the electricity on for about 15 or 20 minutes when I started smelling smoke. 

We all jumped into action.  I ran out and hit the breaker to turn it all off, my son grabbed the fire extinguisher from the kitchen and my daughter grabbed a flashlight.  I climbed up into the attic to look for signs of smoke and thankfully there was none.  Then we went around feeling all the outlets and switches for any sort of heat.  Nothing.  Finally, Eva walked in and asked if I was still using the soldering iron.  Everyone looked at each other and we all had a huge sense of relief and a good laugh.

Today, I have to finish the interior lighting, install the shelves for the equipment and clean up the mess of wires.  Perhaps there will be something worth watching on the big screen this evening!

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Steve said...

Pretty impressive job sir. Nicely done.