Sunday, February 9, 2014

ManCave Update: Tyler the Tiler...

Eva made color selections at Floor & Decor over on Bandera in San Antonio and I went by on my way home from work to pick up the 25 boxes of tile.  It really didn't take us long to unload them and by Friday afternoon, we were starting the project.
Son-in-law Tyler was eager to learn how to lay tile, so as I mixed thin-set and made the few cuts required, the he and Eva got started.
I know there are all sorts of specific ways of starting from the center point so that you can measure for equal outer cuts, but this is about the tenth time Eva has done tile and she prefers to start from the furthest corner, make sure the tile is set perfect square and then live with whatever cuts come at the end.  In the case of a near square room, it worked well for us.  We only had to make cuts for the closet and of course, the front edge by the garage.  There was also the debate about the use of the little cross spacers.  I've always seen them placed flat at the corners, but Eva prefers to stand them up, which in fairness, works fine for us.
The very first time we did tile we had thought about renting a tile saw, but for the cost of renting, you can buy this cheap little unit and we've had it for close to 10 years.   
Here, Tyler, ceremonially lays the last tile.  Okay, well, not much ceremony, it had to be laid before we could start the grout.
We had to take a break in tiling so I made an outline in tape so we would know where it was safe to walk.  This was just the first mopping of the floor to get all the dust off before starting the grout operation.  By the time we took this picture, we were all pretty pleased.
I have to admit, I was a little iffy about the tile and grout color choice but once we started putting it down, it was all very nice.  Certainly there are a few imperfections caused by a minor blip when we gave up for the night a little too late on Friday night, but overall, we're pretty darn happy with how this came out.
I was really worried about the final piece in front of the garage door. If you recall, we left the garage door in place so we would have the ability to open it up if we want to sit outside on the patio and watch an evening movie.  Anyway, I ended up buying a small strip of bull nose to cap it off at the end.  That tile isn't jacked up, the grout hasn't been fully wiped yet. Anyway, if I had thought about it when we started, I would have capped it under the full piece of tile (remember that thing about measuring out from the center?) but in truth, this was just an afterthought.
All in all, we are very pleased with how the job came out, and now, we have to due the final touch-up painting, put in the baseboards and of course, finish all the closet shelving and such.  Oh, and buy some chairs.  That will have to wait.  Eva says the checkbook is closed!

A few notes:  One reader commented about the echo that will surely be caused by the tile floor.  I'm hear to tell you, right now it sounds like the Grand Canyon.  But we already have one rug going down, Eva has an ass-load of things to put on the walls and my son found one of those do-it-yourself web pages for making acoustic treatments.  We'll see how much of that we need once we get the furniture in.
 And - we had to feed our workers.  La Pasidita in Natalia was our pre-tile breakfast.  This pork chop plate was only $3.99.  How much would they charge for that at Denny's?
This was the kid's plate.  Yes, my daughter is in her twenties but she is still my kid, right?  Let's hope the people at Disney don't see this.



wow that is cool..I remember being told that cork board helps the echo.

MsBelinda said...

Had not had an opportunity to read the Man Cave Updates but I must say you guys did a great job!

Eva is a pro at tiling.

P.S. with breakfast like that, I too would have volunteered :D