Saturday, February 1, 2014

ManCave Update: Speakers...

Today is all about the wiring and electrical.  Friday night we went out to look at tile and stopped into a place on SW Military Drive called Mundo Tile.  Honestly, I didn't see anything that interested me and the one tile color that we felt like we could work with was something that would have to be ordered.  We took that as our excuse to just leave.  Eva is going back to our old stand-by, Floor & Decor on Bandera Road.

We also went into BestBuy to grab the remaining speakers we need.  I have the front, surround and rear speakers already, but we have been putting off buying the sub-woofer and center speaker.  I had looked on-line and also a few other places.  When we got to Best Buy I was a little frustrated with the options but a guy came and helped us out.  Turns out, I had no idea which sub-woofer would be compatible with the receiver I bought.  Long story short, we spent an hour with the guy, researching and making sure that what they had would work with what I had already purchased.  I was ready to leave and come back later but Eva insisted we knock this out.  In the end, Justin (the BestBuy guy) found matching sub and center that worked for us.
You'll notice the can of paint on top of the box.  Yea, that's the wrong color.  Lowe's sells an Ancient Burgundy and an Antique Burgundy.  We used Ancient Burgundy for our room.  When we ran in Lowe's last night to pick up another gallon (this makes 6) just for touch ups and the doors, Eva picked up the little sample card for Ancient Burgundy.  I'm color blind but I did protest and say I thought that was the wrong color.  I even pulled out my little MyLowe's card so the guy could look up our last paint purchase but instead, we agreed that Ancient Burgundy was the color.  When we got home and I was out working on the electrical, Eva came out and confessed that she had screwed the pooch.  Of course, paint is non-returnable.

The good news is, we have an ass-load of trim that needs to be painted.  We were going to use black to match the trim around our screen, but I was not fond of that idea.  So now, we are going to do all our trim (except for the screen) in Ancient Burgundy.  Problem solved.
Speaking of the screen... The primer coat dried very nicely but now I'm able to see some minor sanding issues that we'll have to address.  Nothing major, but I want to sand before we use the expensive paint on it. 

Today is all about getting things hooked up.  If I have to rip open any walls, I want to do it before we put the floor in since sheet rock and painting is so messy.  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

If you're putting tile on the floor you're going to have a real echo chamber in there without a lot of damping material somewhere.


that...looks great...I love any shad of burgandy

Dave said...

@Anon: That's the plan. Our living room (and most the house for that matter) is tile. Once we have the tile in we'll make use of a large carpet that will help. I've also seen some people put sound boards on the walls to help. I'm not sure we're that high tech, but we'll see how it goes.