Sunday, February 16, 2014

ManCave Update: Decorations!

We had a wonderful weekend with the kids, knocking out a lot of the odds and ends that needed to be taken care of as we come to the conclusion of the ManCave project.  Before we started work, Friday we did our annual Valentines day ritual of visiting the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, though we just walked the grounds, ate some carnival food and generally enjoyed the good time. 
 Eva and Roxanne tried to be friends with a little cow and her mother.  Thanks to my friend from work, Bryn, we actually went into areas of the grounds that we had never thought to venture into.  In fact, the kids who raise these animals are just as friendly as can be.  We seriously stepped in more cow shit than a civilian ought to be exposed to and in the end, my truck suddenly feels (and smells) a lot more Texan than it had in the past.
The kids all spent the night with us Saturday evening and we took in a really good movie that I am not authorized to give the title of, because as I understand it, we may not have been authorized to view it yet.  Oh, and we watched Machete which I thought was great, so I think my son and I will be watching Machete Kills next.
Before watching movies, we spent the day working on several projects that included building some shelves to fill the hole in the closet wall, installing the closet door and lots and lots of baseboard.
On Sunday, we focused on installing the bar that goes along the wall near the dart board.  Oh yes, the dart board.
The little shelf next to the closet door has an interesting design.  We have been saving beer caps ever since we moved out here, honestly because I wanted to recreate the look of La Tuna where they simply toss beer caps on the ground and they become an interesting walkway.  Eva is opposed to that idea completely, so since we have the caps, why not use them?  Thank you Pinterest!
Once the caps were all glued in, we put in a bunch of the shot glasses I had collected over the years.
We created a thin stand-up bar along the wall near the dart board.  The boys took some of the dozens of old license plates I've saved and pressed them into service up against the wall to serve as sort of a back splash. The two boxes on either end will eventually be hung on the wall.  One has beer caps and the other has wine corks.  I don't want to give anyone a bad impression about us, but as my father said, There ain't nothing wrong with a cold beer on a hot day!
I am pretty pleased with how the bar came out.  Just a piece of 1 X 8 and some simple trim around it. And yes, lots of touch-ups to go.
This is the popcorn and wine area.  You'll note the rake used as a wine glass holder.  Eva got that from Pinterest like many of the other ideas.
We are still working on the AV shelf.  I still need to contact DirecTV to see about adding a new box out here, so I can't complete the shelf cut-outs until I know the size.  And until I cut out the face plate, we can't add the trim around it.  But, you get the idea.  The bottom shelf is like an empty box that will be a place for the kids to bring their PS3's or XBox's or whatever that stuff is.  I'm good with VHS (kidding).
 We still don't have furniture, aside from lawn chairs and the original Coffee table and end table we bought for our very first apartment on Culebra and Ingram back in 1985. I think we got our money's worth out of that!  This is the view with the garage door up.  I anticipate many evening games or movies where we prefer to sit out on the patio - as long as whether permits.

This has been a great project with lots of help from the entire family.  As Eva says, This isn't so much a ManCave as it is a Family Cave. 


Emily Bonderer Cruz said...

Coming along!! I am impressed. I love the bottle caps on that shelf. Cool idea.

Melva said...

Great job. I love your use of bottle caps !!! Looks like the perfect place to hang out :)

MsBelinda said...

Wow, I love the decorative touches you guys put into the Family Cave.