Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Daily Deer...

We were headed out somewhere on Saturday and while Eva waited in the truck I ran out to pop my SD card into the deer camera and toss some corn out.  I heard the snap of a stick and looked up to see a deer staring at me. 
Of course, I whipped out my handy Nikon and took a few pictures. 

When we got home later in the afternoon, Eva was sitting on the patio with our granddaughter when they noticed 6 deer peeking back over the fence at them.  We all quietly watched until Gracie felt the need to make her presence known.  With all that action, I knew the camera had to have picked it up.
Because it was still light, I was hoping we had some good pictures on the camera, but alas, all we got was me!  There has to be some setting that is messed up on the camera, or maybe I need to give it a good cleaning - maybe the sensor is blocked by dirt or dust.
The deer later in the evening were in the same place that the six had been, and the camera worked just fine.  It's a mystery.

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MsBelinda said...

You still got good pictures of the nighttime deer.

You reminded me that I need to set up my game came once more but alas we have no deer out here only a stray cat or dog...jajajaja!

p.s. it has taken me several tries to get the word verification correct :-(