Sunday, January 12, 2014

ManCave Update: We Have Walls!

The kids came over on Saturday and we took advantage of the beautiful weather to work on two projects simultaneously.  Eva and Roxanne had a girls project which was to expand our grilling area with the left over rock from the patio we made at Tyler and Roxanne's house.  Us boys, me, Taz and Tyler commenced with the sheet rock on the walls of the Man Cave.
As a quick follow-up to the post last week about the ceiling:  I got a nice e-mail from a regular reader and former neighbor, Bill, who noted that I needed to add some additional screws to the ceiling or we'd be in for some problems later.  Bill is an expert craftsman, and his advice was well taken, so before we could start with the walls, I put up another pound of screws to make sure the ceiling wouldn't sag on us later.  Thanks, Bill!
First, the grill area.  When I got home from work Friday afternoon (with a truck load of sheet rock), Eva had been busy digging out the grass from the existing edge of the patio to the fence.  The total area is probably 8 x 12.  I've never really thought of this area as a functional patio - just a place to park the grills.  But by extending things, it really opened up the area for something we could use.  That's Roxanne working while Panda inspects the work.
While the guys worked our magic in the garage, the girls leveled and placed the new patio pieces.
When it was all laid out, we realized we were a few pieces short, but unfortunately, the materials place in Lytle was already closed for the weekend.  On Monday I'll pick up a few pieces of rock just to finish things out.
And proud of their work, Eva and Roxanne took a well deserved break.  Now there is enough space for a picnic table and some chairs  - perfect for cooking out.
Onto the ManCave.  Whereas last week, Tyler and I had the assistance of a sheet rock lift to help raise the roof (so to speak), on Saturday, we had my son Taz to help us out.  This really saved my knees and I think we were able to work much more efficiently with the two boys cutting and carrying the rock, and me drilling in the screws.
Things went along fairly smoothly with only a few minor glitches, but I think we were all happy with the progress.
When it was all over, we were about a piece or two short of sheet rock.  We could have pieced things together with the scraps, but I'll just pick up some more sheet rock today and finish off the closet.

All in all, a great day of work in the beautiful weather, though admittedly, we were all completely exhausted and sore. 

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MsBelinda said...

Both the girls as well as the guys did an excellent job with their respective projects.