Friday, January 3, 2014

ManCave Update: Insulation In, Flying Deer...

On New Years day we took a little drive to Home Depot to look at some insulation.  I had done some research online and was prepared to get everything from Lowe's, but as luck would have it, we stopped into the Depot first. 
 We ended up with a bunch of rolls of the pink stuff as well as a garage door insulation kit.  All for less than I had expected to pay at Lowe's.  Not sure why there was such a disparity, but in fairness, you can't always see everything they have online.  I bought 15 rolls and in the end, that was way more than I needed to do the exterior walls.  So, we'll take some back and put that toward the insulation we need for the attic.
The installation went fairly smooth, though I did have to do some cutting which is not painful, but not fun. You can see a space in the upper center of the picture where the little AC unit will go.  This has been a source of concern for me.  I wanted to go all out and have a professionally installed AC system, but according to the specs, this smaller unit will work for the area.  A lot cheaper in the long run, but that's also why I want the place very well insulated.
After several hours, I had moved things around enough to get all the walls, and then I could start on the garage door.
The garage door was an interesting thing.  I was thinking we would get some sort of firm insulation panels that slide in place, but actually, they have some custom sized blankets that fit right in place.  You have to first place a little stick on post onto the panel...
Then you fit the blanket into place and put a second post on the first one to hold it into place.  I was a little skeptical, but with the grooves of the garage door, it all stays in place.  I will say, I'm not so sure about the aesthetics of it all, but our plan all along has been to get a very thick curtain to go over the whole garage door for when we aren't opening it.  So, we'll see how that goes.

By the way, the impact of the insulation on the garage overall was immediate.  I could feel the temperature difference as well as the sound difference right away. 
Oh, the one thing that may not have been obvious from the pictures was that I have all the speaker wiring pulled out over the insulation.  When we get around to doing the sheet rock, I'll be sure to mark where everything is so we can do the in-wall installation of the speakers.

Next - attic insulation, the closet door, and sheet rock!

Speaking of sheet rock.  We have sold a few items on a local garage sale group on FB.  A nice guy came out and bought our old grill and his buddy, a painter came by with a truck to haul it away.  As we were talking the painter gave us the name of a local guy who does sheet rock work.  I'm pretty comfortable that we can do the installation of the sheet rock ourselves, but I absolutely hate taping and floating, so I'm going to get an estimate to have a pro do it for us.  I promise you, no amount of watching YouTube videos can overcome experience.  A crappy tape & float will be noticeable on the walls forever, so to me, it is worth paying for a good job.  But, we aren't there yet.
Oh, while I'm here - Happy New Year!  We had a quiet evening with the kids and a few friends out here, blasting off some fireworks and such.  The next morning, I was going through my deer camera and found this little flying deer and this buck.  Good times.

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MsBelinda said...

Wow, you have been busy! I never even knew there was such a thing as garage door insulation...something that I perhaps should look into.

Did you do it all yourself or did Eva help you?

It looks great!