Monday, January 20, 2014

ManCave Update: Framed...

Just a quick look at the frame around the projection screen as we wait for the tape & float guy.
 The frame is a simple 1 X 4 and I ran it through the router to round over the outside edges.  You can see some 1 X 2s laying on the floor.  I bought the 1 X 4s but then thought they might be too big to fit the speakers between the projector screen and the stud closest to it on either side, so I picked up the 1 X 2s.  But yesterday, my son and I pulled out the speakers and measured - sure enough, the 1 X 4 trim will work nicely.  Oh well, I can always use 1 x 2's for something.

Our debate right now is, do we paint the frame the same color as the back wall (Mouse Ear Black) or do we paint it some other color so as to make it stand out?  I guess we'll get to that when it is time to start painting.  Can't paint till we get the tape & float and texture done.
On a side note, Sunday was such a beautiful day we spent a lot of time outside between checking in on the games in the house.  Eva found an idea on Pinterest that caused me to drill some random holes in the fence near our grill area.  I guess the idea is for the morning sun to shine through the colored rocks glued to the holes and make sparkly designs on the other side.  We'll see how that goes.

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