Sunday, January 5, 2014

ManCave Update: Ceiling is up...

On Friday afternoon, we went to Home Depot to grab the insulation we would need for the attic.  When we got to the register, I whipped out my military ID card for the usual discount both Lowe's and Home Depot give and the cashier told me that for building materials, they no longer offer the discount.  Of course, Eva was out of hearing distance from this little conversation or she would have immediately said, F@&* this S*@% and cancelled the transaction.  I'm a little more level headed.  I said to the lady, You realize that your competitor is right next door, right?   She smiled and said I would probably want to fill out the survey included with the receipt.  I let Eva do the survey, I on the other hand just go to Lowe's henceforth.
 These are the big bundles of insulation I got at Home Depot.
My day wasn't over yet though.  I went back into San Antonio to the Lowe's and grabbed enough sheet rock to do the ceiling.
On Saturday, I drove into Lytle to the True Value and rented a sheet rock lift.  One thing I've learned over the years - never even think about doing the ceiling without a lift.  If you are a pro working with a crew, fine, but if you are the amateur homeowner, pay the $25 and rent one of these.  Your back will thank you later.

Oh, little side note.  On the way back home, I stopped at the Bill Miller's in Lytle to grab some breakfast tacos.  Eva wanted a sausage with bean and cheese and I wanted sausage with egg and cheese.  Plus, I ordered a large coffee.  I was the only one in line so there was no rush or any distractions but it took the girl three tries to understand my order.  This was not an issue of language - we both spoke English - but for some reason she was just having an off morning.  Anyway, she rings me up, I pay, then another lady comes in and she starts to take her order.  I stopped her and asked about my coffee.  Oh, you wanted coffee?  I should have taken that as my hint for what was about to come.  After ringing up my coffee, I wait a few minutes for my order.

When I got home, Eva opens the bag and starts looking at the tacos.  They were all egg and cheese (no sausage) and one of the eggs & cheese tacos had beans.  I look at the receipt, and the order is exactly correct.  The people in the back put in our bag exactly what was on the ticket, it's just that the girl at the register didn't type in any of what I said.

I usually would just let it go but Eva was threatening to go back, so I thought I better do it. I go back and show her the receipt and explain that the order wasn't right.  She looks at the receipt and says, did they not give you eggs and cheese and beans, etc.?  I smiled and explained that the people in the kitchen got the order right, but she didn't enter what I wanted.

A few minutes later I was leaving with all the right food.  And yes, I checked before I pulled out of the parking lot.  You know, I know mistakes happen, but yikes!
So my son-in-law Tyler comes over and we commenced to put up the sheet rock. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you see the first piece go up.
 We did a little trick we saw on YouTube for marking the places we would have to cut out.  This is me with some red lipstick.   Don't I look pretty?
Actually, the lipstick goes on the box.  Next, you hoist up the sheet rock and press it in place...
And now you can see where you need to cut.  Maybe we needed better lipstick.  But it was close enough to cut.
Oh, and here is one thing to watch out for... This is typically how women catch their husbands being bad - the lipstick always gives it away. 
Another area we were sorta worried about was the garage door brackets.  In the end, we were both really please with how this worked out.  We just removed the brackets, installed the sheet rock then measured and cut from inside the attic.  Later, we'll dress the brackets up, either with paint or something fancy.  I've toyed with the idea of building a case of sorts around the garage door, but I'll worry about that later.
After several hours, we really made a lot of progress.  In between rows, we put in the insulation to cut down on having to climb around in the attic afterwords.
And speaking of the attic.  We left an opening that I'll trim out so we can have an attic portal.  It is located next to where the projector is going to be mounted so we can access the wires as needed.
As it was getting darker I put up some temporary light fixtures so we could continue to work.
Finally, with my knees screaming in pain, we finished up the last pieces and I have to say, we were really happy with how the job came out.    I'll wait until I am completely done with any additional wiring before I put the ceiling in the closet, but now we are ready to do the walls.  Not bad for a couple of amateurs.  The good news is, I am definitely going to hire a professional to tape and float so any minor screw ups we made can be covered over.


MsBelinda said...

So glad you had some help with this. You all did a wonderful job for a couple of amateurs.

Can hardly wait to see the finished product.

About your taco order...can not tell you how many times it has happened to me. Needed someone like Eva to set them straight even though you seem to shy away from that jajajaja...she must be a real hoot and true Chicana :)


I am very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Okay So in my defense:) I have managed fast food and have been on the other side so I would have gone in Calmly and and gotten it resolved. As for Home Depot the day before they gave me the Competitors discount the day before. When you are paying 300.00 I think 10 % is a big difference.That is my gas back and forth just saying:)Okay I am a pretty bad Chica as well :)


MsBelinda said...

I hear you Eva, these days every penny counts!

I too am a bargain hunter and I use and expect to receive any and all discounts I am entitled to.

Emily Bonderer Cruz said...

Looks like it's coming along great! Curious... did you get into any trouble for stealing Eva's lipstick? ;)

Polly & Matt McDonald said...

I want to do a flagstone patio! You've inspired me. Now I just need to get to the rock store.