Friday, January 24, 2014


Eva nudged me at 5 this morning to deal with Little Kitty.  She spent the night indoors last night due to the extreme Arctic temps, and by about 5AM, she was done with people living.  It was kind of funny to see her sitting quietly in the doorway of the bedroom, choosing not to pass from the tile floor in the hallway onto the carpet of the bedroom.  I picked up and walked outside with her.  I'm sure the neighbors would have been impressed with me standing in my underwear pulling up the weather app on my phone to see the temp.  26 degrees in Natalia.
This is what Little Kitty looks like when she explores the office.
This is what Gracie looks like when she knows the cat is in the house.  That is her, "What the hell is the cat doing in the house" pout.
And this is what it looked like a few hours later.  Funny, when I stand out on the back porch (in my underwear) I get the weather for Natalia, but 30 feet away in the office, it gives me the weather for Lytle.  In case you are wondering, yes, those are little symbols depicting a 40% chance of snow.  I doubt we'll get that, but I do predict a big chance of lots of wrecks on the icy roads.  In my office, we are all reporting to work late so as to reduce the number of jerks on the roads all at once, but if everyone else does the same thing and the roads are still icy, well, you know.
Last night I noticed that our Internet really sucks.  I downloaded the latest update to the tax software.  Yes, one of the benefits of living in San Antonio is that you can get UVerse or Roadrunner.  Out here, I am lucky to have DSL from AT&T.  When it rains, the Internet slows down to a crawl.  With ice, it is even worse.   I feel like I am back in 1996 with our spiffy new 28K dial up modem.  
The Tape, Float and Texture guy finished yesterday.  I'll provide an update later, but when I took pictures yesterday afternoon, it was all still pretty wet on the seams.  We think he did a fantastic job and if all works out, we just may do some painting this weekend.  Eva asked him to just leave everything taped up so we could get in and paint without having to worry about covering the garage door and such.  Instead of the larger orange peel texture (that I would have shot if I was doing it), Eva asked him to do the small.  You can't tell with these pictures but it really was the better choice and it came out looking really, really good.

Stay warm out there.  And just remember - nobody gets to complain when the fireball comes out and we start having those 100 degree afternoons.

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MsBelinda said...

Little Kitty and Gracie look so cute :)