Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update: Garage, Weather, Guns...

I had been hoping to jump on and make a few posts during this month and provide some pictures and updates on our current project - the Man Cave/Home Theater, but the truth is, aside from purchasing several needed items, I haven't even gotten started on the project.  Today, maybe today, I'll start doing some much needed electrical wiring to convert the garage from a place for storage into a place where we can hang out, watch movies, play darts, and enjoy a cool beverage on a hot day.

Thanks to the Internet and E-Bay, I did buy a projector mount and a 40 foot HDMI cable that will allow us to have the projector on the ceiling and the video source (DirecTV, DVD, BluRay, etc) in a cabinet that can be easily addressed via a remote.   Just as a side note:  If you need an HDMI cable, buying one from BestBuy or even WalMart is way too expensive.  I think we paid $30 once for a 6 foot HDMI cable.  That is outrageous.  My 40 foot cable on E-Bay, brand new and warrantied was $18.00.  You can get a 6 foot HDMI for $3.00 vs $20 or $30 at some of these stores.  Ridiculous.

Eva bought a nice Home Theater receiver from that will allow us to connect all the sources (DirecTV, DVD, BluRay, etc) into it for sound and control.  I want to say that was maybe $200 which was an impressive savings over similar models at BestBuy.  Friends of ours from the old neighborhood had a bunch of left over speakers from when they had a Home Theater professional installed.  These are TruAudio speakers still in the box.  I ended up with more than I may need, but the price was very, very right.  I still need to purchase one (or maybe two) powered sub-woofers so I'm searching the Internet daily.

I feel like once I get the electrical work done and run the speaker wires, things will move fairly quickly. We did decide to build a closet along one side of the room.  I have a bunch of old records that we'd prefer to keep in there rather than in the shed.  Unless I can find someone eager to purchase a collection of 45's from the late 70's to early 90's.  Eva still wants to buy a juke box, but the truth is, with the ability to connect an iPod to our stereo, why bother?

In other news, the cold weather went away and we had to turn on our air conditioner.  Ah, December in Texas.  Currently, we are experiencing a really nice, steady rain that makes my yard look slightly greener than the dead brown I'm used to.  On the downside, we had a huge tornado like gust of wind that picked up one of the garbage cans and tossed it and the trash in it across the yard.  Thankfully, it was fairly empty to start with.

In even other news, I had been talking to a few guys at work regarding handguns.  We've had our Judge and still haven't made it out to the range.  I was seriously thinking that I would take it in to one of the local gun shops and see if I could trade it in for something a little more realistic for target shooting.  We've thought about a Glock, a 9MM and even just a fancy .22, but until we actually go to a gun shop and see what we can get for a brand new, in the box, never fired Judge, who knows?

Christmas is approaching.  Something tells me I need to get to CVS or Walgreens so I can find something fancy for Eva!


MsBelinda said...

Hoping to see pictures to document the progress in your Man Cave!

Thanks for the tip on HDMI cable, I have found it to be rather expensive but never thought of where I could get it cheaper especially in a little town like Del Rio. Will have to check E-Bay.

Emily Bonderer Cruz said...

What a coincidence... I ordered an HDMI cord for Ray for Christmas this morning. $4.98 from Walmart for a 6' one, free site to store shipping. Catch was, that brand isn't available in their stores. I thought it was worth mentioning because I'm sure you'll have more to purchase as you go along and sometimes their online deals are pretty good.

Best of luck on your man-cave!

Dave said...

Thanks, Emily. I think the main point is - they are much cheaper online than in the store. I've noticed that about WalMart online having items you can't get in the store. But if the price is right, ship it to the door!