Saturday, December 28, 2013

Several Items of Interest: Food, Furniture, ManCave, Guns...

Last week we were coming out of La Pasidita and we saw a friend we met at our old favorite taco place, La Palmera, and she told us that the original owners had reopened under a new name, Mi Roca.  Everyone, it is once again safe to eat breakfast in Lytle!

The demise of La Palmera was a sad story; a family tragedy which resulted in the selling of the property, new owners and several attempts at multiple different taco operations, but nothing that could meet our sensitive taste buds (we don't like crap).  Oh, sure, we've gotten by in Natalia with La Pasidita (which is good), but I've craved the chorizo and egg and the delicious tortillas so close to what Eva makes at home.

Today, we stopped in and I ordered my standard trifecta.
 Carne guisada with cheese.  Close, very close.
Country and egg.  Very much on target.  In fact, outstanding.
Chorizo and egg.  Boom!  I am not a religious man, but sweet mother of spicy sausage, this is the one!    I simply can't explain, nor can my crappy picture depict just how delicious this taco is.  You must go for yourself and have one. 

And I hope you will.  The family at Mi Roca is rebuilding by word of mouth and if you have ever taken my tip for a good place to eat, stop into this hole-in-the-wall in Lytle and give them a shot. By the way, the homemade green salsa is simply the best.
Speaking of good vittles...  We had dinner last week at our favorite place in Devine, Rocky's Roadside Grill.  My bacon Cheeseburger was outstanding, as always.  Eva had the Chicken Parmesan and loved it.  Don't wanna sound like a broken record, but there are good eats out here if you just know where to go.  We always like going to Rocky's but don't seem to make it often enough.  Need to work on that.

And speaking of Devine... Yesterday we went to make a donation at the thrift shop and on the way back through town we stopped into Christian's, a furniture store that we've passed by dozens of times.  They have a pretty funny billboard on I-35 touting their large warehouse saying, "Size really does matter".  The look on the girl's face says it all. Anyway, we ended up spending over an hour in there just walking around and looking.  We also talked to a guy, I presume to be one of the owners, about UTSA football and the difference in ticket prices at our games and Texas A&M games!  We did buy a new mattress cover for our bed and will probably go back again soon.  I love the idea of shopping local (the tri-city area, you know), but we often pass by these places and don't realize how good they are.

I feel like I've just rolled off a bunch of advertisements - breakfast, dinner, furniture; check. 

With a few days off from work (which I'll regret on Monday) I've had some time to do a little work on the man cave.  I've done as much wiring as I could but need to frame out our little closet before I can finish things up.
We decided on going out just under two and a half feet which will give us enough room to store some items and house the audio/video components.  I was looking on the Internet and found ideas for built in shelves to put the stereo and DVD player, etc., and so we decided to do it.  Anyway, I have the boards all measured, cut and ready to to put up the closet wall.  I need to get a pre-hung door and some a few more 2X4's, so there will be a trip to the Habitat for Humanity store today, and probably Lowe's.

Oh, I didn't mention Eva's Christmas guns...
 I bought her a Marlin 795 which is a nice little .22 great for target practice.  Yes, nothing but class in our family.  Chanel No. 5 and a box of 22LR.
We ended up buying a Beretta handgun as well.  Knowing that I had already bought the rifle, it was a no-brainer to get a pistol that fires the same 22LR.  She's just pretending in this picture; no little squirrels or cats were harmed.  Now we just need to get to the range.


Keith Alan K said...

I just ate and your post made me hungry. Good job on the 22s--both solid choices, though I prefer the Ruger MK series pistols for their simplicity and all the aftermarket parts available. But Berettas are in a whole other class so I'm sure you'll be very happy. The Marlin is a great gun for the money. Bought one a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to taking a class or 2 and go from there.Those varmints don't stand a chance.Don't plan on going on any hunts though.Out here on the Island we LOVE Bambi and her whole family.

MsBelinda said...

If Lytle and Natalia were closer I would go just to eat those tacos as well as dropping in on a couple of other establishments you have previously written about.

I LOVED the gifts Eva got...she must have been a good girl this year :D