Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nothing But Trees...

The property to the north of us is a 2 1/2 acre lot owned by some folks from Mexico.  In the three years (yes, it has been three years) that we've lived out here, the lot had not been cleared once.  I usually don;t care about these things - not my property, not my concern - but we did have a few issues with their trees falling onto our fence and such.  Eva kept asking me about when the association was going to do something, and since I am a member of the board, you'd think I'd have some extra pull or something.  I don't. 

Anyway, our property owner's association does send out reminder letters to people to make sure they know they need to keep the properties safe since we are constantly in danger of fire.  I guess this year, the owners got that letter.  Our friend Joel Hernandez came out with a crew and commenced the clearing process.  He told us that the owners have no intention of building any time soon, the property is just an investment.  Yay!
This was the view out my office window into the lot next door.  I don't know which is worse, their jungle or my out of control lumber pile.
Anyway, it only took a few days and Joel's team had the place whipped into shape.  The problem is, now we feel completely exposed!  Suddenly, Eva is talking about the need to extend the privacy fence, at least far enough to hide our hot tub from people who drive down the street.  I guess sometimes you may not like what you get when you ask for it.
As I was out taking pictures of the lot next door, it did occur to me that something fascinating was happening on our own property.  Our trees have color!  We are so used to go from green to dead that seeing a little yellow is pretty nice.

It got as low as about 28 degrees on early Saturday morning, but soon got up to 38.  My sister Susan in Minnesota mocked my shivering saying that they were only 40 degrees cooler than us.  I stick with our dysfunctional weather that goes from 82 one day to 32 the next, as long as we can keep it closer to 82 at all times.

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MsBelinda said...

Your friend Joel did a great job!

Wish my HOA would do something about the house next to mine in Houston. It is owned by a 90 year old man that never even kept up with it before he fell ill.

It is a good thing you are on the HOA board and can put more pressure on the negligent property owners.