Sunday, December 29, 2013

ManCave Update: Closet...

Yesterday I spent the day putting up the walls for the little closet that will house a) junk, b) A/V equipment, and c) other stuff.

The opening on the left side is where we will have shelves that hold the A/V components.  I got this idea from my friend, the Internet.  The idea is to have the shelves inside the closet, the front of the components visible to the room where the remote will work and you can put in DVD's and that sort of thing.
 An example of that is like this picture found on AVS Forum.  The real trick will be cutting the faceplate around each piece of equipment, but I think we'll be alright.  Some of the versions I saw of this style were done with thin wood, others with Plexiglas painted black and even other high end versions done with metal.  I love that idea, but I can just see myself trying to cut some metal and losing a finger in the process.
Anyway, the opening in the middle is obviously for the closet door and the opening on the right will be for an in wall shelf where I can display old shot glasses from my travels, beer mugs and coffee mugs from my military career.
Now that the framing is complete, I can finish the electrical wiring, get the speaker wires run and we can get going with the rest of the project. 

More as it comes...