Friday, November 1, 2013

The TuffShed Install...

After some excellent rain with no flooding in our area, we are experiencing a green yard, a crisp morning and by the time I post this, a beautiful sunrise to start November.  October and November are the best times of year in our part of Texas, because it doesn't get so cold that you'd need a parka or anything like that, but the sun calms down a bit and you don't have to hide inside with the safety of air conditioning during the day.
And so as Eva planned it probably a year ago, this was the time of year that we would install a new shed in the yard so we could move all of our junk from the garage.  Big plans for the garage.

We did quite a bit of research on sheds and tinkered with the idea of me just buying plans off the Internet and building one to having one brought in on a trailer and dropped into place.  We had also looked at the Tuff Shed display at the Home Show a few weeks back and I was pretty happy with the quality, but the price was a little up there for the size we need.  Finally, my neighbor told me that she got her Tuff Shed through Home Depot, so we went there to talk about it.  This guy, John at the service desk was very helpful but we weren't ready to pull the trigger just yet.

Within a few days, John called and gave us a quote that was well below what we expected with several options thrown in to lure me back.  The one we chose is a 10 X 12 on the steel floor frame.

Rather than upload a bunch of pictures of the install, I put together a short video showing it from start to finish.  I had always wondered just how they pre-build in the warehouse then install.  Turns out, they have the walls all made, have pencil marks where needed so very little on site measuring is required, and have almost everything pre-cut so very little wood is cut on site.  Once they level the floor, the shed is installed like a big puzzle.  In fact, they can have a single guy come out and install it.

Here is another secret I learned.  The Home Depot version of the Tuff Shed is built the same, but the materials are not the same.  What happens is, Tuff Shed uses Home Depot materials but it is built at the Tuff Shed facility using their methods and installed by Tuff Shed installers.  One of the guys told me that the same Tuff Shed design would cost more directly from Tuff Shed because they do use higher quality materials.  But he said, for his money, he would go the Home Depot route, so I felt a little better about it.

After the install it took us a full week to really move everything out of the garage and into the smaller shed, but the good news is, we donated a lot of gently used items (stuff Eva says qualifies me for an appearance on Hoarders) to the Devine Hospice Thrift Store.



hey that's about your plans for the garage?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Dave said...

Thanks, Noreen. I don't feel 50 but I look it!

MsBelinda said...

I have shed envy!!!

I enjoyed the video.