Sunday, November 10, 2013

So, I'm Old...

This last week I hit the big 5-0.  My mom came out for a surprise visit to celebrate and during the week, we had a good time.  I even took a few days off from work which gave us several opportunities to eat out. 

Turning fifty has been an interesting thing.  It isn't some number that I feared or even a milestone that made me think, I've definitely lived more years than I have years left, in fact, I suspect I could have said that at 40.  My oldest brother, Dennis called and said something along the lines of, Holy Shit! If you're 50, that makes me really old!  I said, Imagine how Mom feels
Waiting for Eufflexia injections.
Fifty has brought on some issues like my really jacked up knees, but I'm sure that is less age related than just being out of shape.  A lot of people decide at age 50 (or 60) that they want to run a marathon.  Enjoy yourself; I won't be doing that. 

The interesting thing about turning 50 is that somehow or another, they find you.  And I don't mean Big Brother.
It was like clockwork - AARP knew exactly when I was born and wants to get me on their rolls as soon as possible.  Any thoughts?  Is it worth the effort?
This is my daughter, Roxanne, reading a list of things about me.  She's a good sport. 
And this is what it looks like when I hold squirmy little kids waiting for cake. Isabella on my right, and Mya The Bee, gesticulating wildly on my left.

In different news...
Eva found my deer camera.
We saw this interesting scene in the small town of Devine.  Apparently, you don't have to go to Earl Schrieb's to get a discount paint job on your truck, you can just go by this little shop. Yes, that's a can of spray paint on a windy day.  Good luck.

The planning for our garage project has commenced in earnest.  The intent is to build sort of a media room / man cave / hang out area so we can watch movies and such on the projector we bought for outdoor movies.  While it has been fun the few times we've watched movies on the patio drive-in style, the reality is, in the summer it is too hot and in the winter, too windy.  The answer, waste a bunch of money on a different place to watch TV besides the living room. 
 In fairness, Eva's idea was to just empty the garage, pull up some lawn chairs and watch movies.  Total cost: The price of a shed.  But let's be honest; that just won't do. So, over the next however long it takes, this will be an ongoing project.

We walked around Home Depot for a little while on Friday to look at lighting.  I had this idea that I wanted to install the recessed can lights but upon further inspection, Eva has an interest in this sort of thing. 
 We could put up 2 of these on either side of the room and aim the spotlights as needed.  We'll see.  The other thing was, we know we want to build a bar so we started doing Google image searches for ideas.  And then, we saw bar designs with built in Kegerators.  Holy crap, we haven't even started and the budget is already busted.  There was an ad on Craig's List for a guy selling a bar, some signs and a Kegerator all for $300.  That would be a serious deal.  But he never e-mailed me back.  I'll keep looking because we really are too far away from even thinking about furnishings.  We haven't even put up sheet rock or decided on flooring.

What we do know is that we do want to build a riser so we can have two rows of seating.  We also know that we want a bar with stools and we want to use a lot of the old signs and license plates we have to help decorate.  We also plan to finally have some shelves or displays for the coffee mugs, shot glasses and odds & ends I've collected over the years when I traveled for work.  As we continue to plan it out, I'll be searching the Internet for good ideas and good deals.

And maybe when I'm 51, we'll be finished.


Jeff Bauer said...

Happy 50th, Dave!

For me, 40 was just another day. 50 was the same. 51 was a day of mild introspection.

Two years ago when I turned 60, it was "holy crap, I'm old." Since then has involved bifocals and extensive dental work...heh.

Enjoy the ride, Dave. Life if grand and certainly beats the alternative.

MsBelinda said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yep, those AARP people find us no matter where we may be :(

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Dave! AARP does offer some nifty discounts, but they also bombard you with mail that I just toss when it shows up. You could check out their website and decide from there. Good luck on your projects!


Keith Alan K said...

Just saw you on the Spurs/Wizards telecast. Right at the start they showed that photo of you, your dad + kids all in uniform.

Dave said...

Keith: Yes, we were pretty excited to be included. Posted the video in a new entry.