Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Never Turn Down Rain....

Supposedly, folks in San Antonio are getting hit with some serious rain this morning.  Out here near Natalia, we are under the threat of a flash flood watch, but aside from the sky looking a little gloomy, not a drop of water yet.
 But Little Kitty knows something is up.  She scared the crap out of Eva this morning while it was still dark outside.  As Eva sat at her desk playing Solitaire and sipping coffee, Little Kitty jumped up on the screen of the window as if to say, Let me in!

Good times.

Yesterday we sat through most of the less than thrilling UTSA Vs Rice game at the Alamodome.  I'm afraid our team was just crappy, mostly due to special teams errors.  The special teams (Kick-offs, punts etc) have been a real gem for the Roadrunners, but for whatever reason, they just had penalties and problems all game long.
This was interesting.  When the Rice team was announced, about half of the players ran down to the endzone and prayed.  I guess it worked for them because they sure beat the crap out of UTSA.
A really bright spot in the game was at half time when the Rice University "Mob" came out and did a very funny poke at San Antonio.  I wonder if they do this sort of thing for all the away games?
When they took the field, they had an announcer explain that if they were to make fun of the Alamo City, they would say something like this - then he rattled off a few jokes which resulted in a pretend referee throwing flags and penalizing them 10 yards.  The entire band moved down 10 yards and they started again.  They did this two or three times and it was really funny.  Of course, some people booed (which I really despise) but for the most part, I think the fans appreciated the humor.
When it was all over, the announcer ended it with something to the affect of, Hey, no matter who wins or loses today, at least we aren't in Dallas and we're both better than El Paso.  It was really good.
At the game sitting just a few rows in front of us was KENS5 sportscaster, Joe Reinagel.  I'm pretty sure his wife has some relevance to the UTSA Cheerleader squad because we've seen her more than a few times down chatting with the cheerleaders and such.    Anyway, When Joe got up to go do a promotion on the field, Eva started yelling and screaming for him to look at her.  He waved and started saying, Hey, hows it going and such.  She immediately wanted to go sit down with him.  I think it's the hair.
Friday night we ate at La Pasadita with our daughter.  I'm just going to say, it was good and we had a great time.  We had to leave a large tip because Roxanne felt like I was being a creeper with the young waitress.
You be the judge:  She was saying that she wanted to get another tattoo but didn't know where she should put it.  Without hesitation, I said, "On your butt."  How is that creepy in any way?  Okay, I think we'll have to stick to breakfast at La Pasadita.  Oh, notice the band-aid on my knee?  I had my second set of Euflexxa shots on Friday.  The second set hurt a lot more than the first set.

Getting windy here.  Let the rain come down!

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MsBelinda said...

Hope you get some rain your way. I can see why Eva would have been frightened with kitty jumping on the window screen. Did you let her in?

Lol, I laughed so hard about the comment you made to the waitress. Some young kids have so many that is probably the only place to put more!

Darn that food looks delicious and I am hungry!