Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poor Parking Etiquette...

I'm a parking lot Nazi, I admit.  I absolutely despise when people drive the wrong direction and then pull into a parking spot requiring that they have to do all sorts of backing up and straitening out to fit between the lines, or worse, just park over the lines.  I hate when people take two spaces, not because they are trying to save their car from the door dings of other inconsiderate jerks, but because they are too lazy to take an extra second or two and park right.

On the other hand, I often find great humor in the idiots that park and shop at the same HEB Plus in Lytle that we go to.  Take this freak of nature.
Now, if I had to speculate, I say that when he arrived, some inconsiderate jerk had pulled way too far into the parking spot which caused the owner of this van to park where he did.  But when we got there, he was just parked all willy-nilly, six feet from the front line. The passenger side of the van was riding the line.

And this is what it looks like with the ass-end of the van parked completely out in the aisle.  This was around 10 in the morning so I think a breathalyzer would not be completely unwarranted.

In other news: We were disappointed to find that my DirecTV package could not get the Time Warner Sports Network channel that was carrying the UTSA vs Marshall game on Saturday.  Probably a good thing given the outcome.  But I did try to purchase it through Marshall's online network.  They are affiliated with CBS Sports.  So a while before the game, I log in to see that you can sign up for a month for $9.95.  I do, and when the game starts, the prompt for the video disappears and now all we get is the radio version.  WTF?  I can listen to the radio for free.

I ended up sending a nasty e-mail to CBS Sports and they apologized, blaming it on Marshall, and refunded my $9.95 immediately.  Truth is, my Internet is so dial-up-like slow that it is tough to watch something in HD unless it comes from Netflix or Hulu.  Even YouTube is a stretch.  I'm just glad CBS Sports was not a jerky about it.

According to the special weather app on my phone, it is a brisk 55 degrees in Natalia this morning and the fact that I just cleaned our hot tub tells me that it might be worth getting in this evening.  And if the news is right, I might even go back to work tomorrow.  If not, Eva promises that we will tackle the garage looking for items I can put on Craig's List or donate to the Devine Area Hospice Thrift Shop.  I keep telling Eva that I am not qualified to go on Hoarders because my piles of crap are organized on shelves, and you won't find any smashed-flat cats or years old soiled diapers. 

Anyway, we'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

It runs in the family. My secret, spiteful pleasure is leading parking places talkers astray - they think they're slowly, slowly following me to my parked car, but I make a last minute switch and dart through a couple of rows to my real parking place. I say, let the punishment fit the crime.


Anonymous said...

Parking place STALKERS, that is...

Dave said...

That is hilarious! I do the same exact thing to the people driving slowly behind me just knowing they are about to get a primo spot.

I have even cut through to another aisle so the car will speed up to make the turn to where they think I'm going, only for me to turn back around to get in my truck on the first aisle I was at.

I know, childish behavior, but fun.


I have a sorta my own parking place..I always park there..the other day I came home and the car to the right to me was parked about a foot over on my side..and the car to the left of me did I ended up parking at almost diagonal and then when they left it looked like I was drunk parking..assholes.

Home on the Range said...

At the local grocery where I used to live, some kid came roaring through the parking lot, literally causing some women with kids to scatter. He then screams into the handicapped spot (no sticker) and partially into the non handicapped spot next to it with his 20 year old ride, and storms off into the store. Everyone just stood and stared. I proceeded to get a couple of carts around the lot and place them up near his vehicle, then a couple more. Others followed suit. Pretty soon we had his vehicle surrounded by about 30 carts, then left. I bet it took him a while to get out. I call it car-ma.

Dave said...

I proceeded to get a couple of carts around the lot and place them up near his vehicle, then a couple more. Others followed suit. Pretty soon we had his vehicle surrounded by about 30 carts, then left.

Oh that is just too excellent! I love it when the community comes together.