Monday, October 14, 2013

It Rained - All Night Long

I didn't want to leave you hanging if you read the last post.  So yea, it started raining around 11AM on Sunday and now, Monday morning it is still very wet.  Lots of flooding to the southwest of us.
 During our usual Sunday trip to HEB Plus in Lytle, two very entertaining things happened.  First off, we pulled into the parking lot to find this big truck parked conveniently in front of this sign.  In case you can't read it, it says "No 18 Wheeler Parking Permitted".  He only took up about 10 parking spots, so it's probably okay.
And then, this is the sort of nonsense I see all the time.  People simply do not care about anyone but themselves.  Now if you can do a really quick hand-off, sure, stop your cars and block the main parking aisle, but no, these people seemed like they were doing some sort of Chinese fire drill (I hope that isn't offensive to anyone) with several people from both vehicles running around to swap groceries or who knows what.   I guess the real question is, was this just a moment of opportunity where they decided they saw each other so they should trade stuff, or was this whole thing planned like some well executed drug deal?  In ether case, why not say, "Hey, there is a big 18 wheeler parked over there, let's meet there so we aren't blocking anyone from driving up and down the aisle."  I'll tell you why, because they do not care about anyone but themselves.

In other news, I watched the season opener to American Horror Story: The Coven.  Outstanding!  I didn't delete it from the DVR because I'm thinking it is less scary than last season, and perhaps Eva will give it a shot.  She literally has to cover her ears and leave the room when she hears the sound of the opening music, but I think you can fast forward through that.  Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett.  How can you go wrong?

In the middle of the Cowboys game last night, we also watched The Walking Dead season premiere and Homeland.  Lots of new people to get killed in TWD, but to be honest, I think they need to start winding this thing down.  I mean, sure, it is great to watch people kill zombies and such, but I think I'm losing interest.

Homeland on the other hand just got good last night.  I was worried about this season since it is mostly a Carrie Cry-Fest, but they finally showed us Brody and he has somehow ended up in Venezuela or some place equally scary and Latin.  If you have not watched Homeland, go to Netflix or Showtime and get it.  You will not be disappointed. No go back and click on that link for the Carrie Cry-Fest.  Do it.


TexLinguist said...

It's funny that you point out the HEB oblivious parkers. I was at our local HEB today and there was one spot nearish the front of the store open. The lady there had her driver-side door open, blocking my entry.

I pulled in about 1/2 way and waited a good 30 seconds for her to shut her door. You should have seen the death glares she gave me!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Coven! I was actually thinking about giving this season a miss - I just didn't think they could do anything weirder and more metaphor-heavy than the asylum, but noooo. I can't wait to see how Kathy Bates adjusts to the 21st century. And is it only me, or did Jessica Lang's hair look worse after she got out of the beauty shop?