Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Cluttered Desk is the Sign...

So as expected, I went into work, wrapped up in a cool and efficient manner, all things necessary to efficiently shutdown my portion of the government.  Several people commented on my humorous automatic out-of-office reply which made reference to my preference of taking unpaid vacation days rather than cashing in on earned comp-time hours.  It doesn't matter, other than in principle.  My guess (based upon nothing other than guessing) is that this will be short lived.

But I won't waste this time speculating or being mad at elected officials.  I have lots to do.  This, I confess, is my desk at home.  My wife is horrified by the thought of someone coming to our home and seeing it.  One of my goals is to get all those CD's and deliver them to the donation place in Devine.  Surely, someone will pay a buck each for a good cause.  I also have just a bunch of paper to be filed or discarded and frankly, I couldn't even tell you what month the desktop calendar buried under my pile of crap is on.  Today, we find out.
My project to scan in all the pictures found in the top of my parent's closet has been ongoing but slow.  This box represents about 2% of what needs to be done.  If I can't get to scanning, that will be good news because it will mean I go back to work soon. 

And then there is the stuff that needs to be done outside.  Oh, if you only knew how much needs to be done, whether my knees want to or not.  The jacuzzi needs to be cleaned, I have a wood pile that needs to be sorted and moved, and I have a bunch of junk not suitable for donation that needs to be recycled or burned or discarded.  Plus, I think I'm going to move a fence.  My weedeater is loaded with string and the blades on my mower are only a few cuts old, so there is always that.

As Tone Loc might say, Let's do it!


Anonymous said...

Mom sez: A messy desk is a sign of genius!

MsBelinda said...

If you think your desk is messy...let me tell you that by comparison yours looks clean!

I am computer and technologically challenged but I would like to learn how to scan and then sort our family pictures.

Don't envy you on the furlough or the yard work.