Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Report: Football, Knees, TV and Movies...

It's Sunday morning and my knees are in a ridiculous amount of pain.  But I can live with it, especially given the good time we enjoyed at UTSA's home opener with Oklahoma State University at the Alamodome.
I think the key take away is that, we didn't get thoroughly creamed as I suspect most people suspected.  OSU is just a level beyond where UTSA is at this point in their brief history, but the home team kept it entertaining.  Granted, most of our touchdowns came in the 4th quarter when OSU graciously got some game time for the back-ups, but throughout the game, there were lots of great plays to be proud of.

I loved the enthusiasm of 41,000 fans during this touchdown play.
Oh, prior to the start of the game, Roxanne and Tyler won a Cornhole competition at the State Farm pavilion.  That was pretty cool.  I'm glad all of our hard work paid off!
 And speaking of free advertisements...  Our neighbors up the street, Charles and Kelly, are with a Doc Popcorn franchise and they have several kiosks set-up at the dome.  We happened to see Charles and made sure to buy a bag for Isabella.
Can you tell she loves Doc Popcorn?

There was something a little upsetting during the game.  It was one of those situations where you have to try to understand everyone's point of view.  In the row behind us several seats down, there was a guy who arrived at his seat  holding two 22 ounce Shiners, and he proceeded to stand there, never taking his seat.  When everyone stood for the playing of the National Anthem, he placed one of the beers over his heart.  When everyone sat down, he continued to stand.  This was no big deal until the game actually commenced.  After the kick-off and barring any exciting plays, most people sit down, but this guy continued to stand.
Here's the problem.  Sitting directly behind this guy were several senior citizens who just wanted to watch the game but couldn't see because this guy would never sit down.  There is no written rule (that I'm aware of) that outlines when it is appropriate to sit or stand, so basically, you have to sort of go with the crowd.  If you notice in this picture, nobody else is standing, so, that's your first clue.

Because of where the action was on the field, this guy was blocking the view of more than just the people behind him.  There were people several rows back and to the other side of us yelling for the guy to take a seat.  And this is where principal and beer kind of kicked in.  The guy just flat out said, No.  I man behind him tried to reason with him.  Please, sir, it's the courteous thing to do.  We are all going to stand on big plays, but reasonable thing to do is have a seat when everybody else does.  The guy just looked at him and said No.  Another man piped in, "Look around buddy, you're the only one standing up".  And of course, just then a big play happened and everyone was on their feet.

One man who had been yelling went to the usher, explained the situation and within a minute or two, two police officers arrived.  One stood back in the aisle with taser at the ready.  The other officer, walked down the aisle and tapped the standing guy on the shoulder.  People in the section cheered thinking that this guy was going to be ejected.  But after chatting for a few minutes, the officer left and the guy continued to stand. 

During half-time, I could hear the guy having a conversation with a lady next to him and he was saying that he had been brought up going to college games where you stood the entire game to show support.  To that I say, know your venue.  If you are the only one standing, you're not at the same college you were brought up at.  He did concede to the lady he was talking to that he was in the wrong, but it was the principal principle of it all.
And when the game really got exciting in the 4th quarter, beer had won over principle and the guy was lights out, sitting in his seat.  The man sitting behind him and the little old lady next to him were at least able to enjoy the second half.

I'm curious.  What are your thoughts about this?  Do you think a guy should get ejected for just being a supportive fan?  Do people just need to accept the fact that live, sporting events don't give you the same level of comfort and visibility as watching on TV?  What about when people want to hold up huge signs and posters during the game?  Thoughts?

Shifting gears... I went to the orthopedics guy last week and he said both my knees are shot.  He said I'm looking at both knees being replaced in the next few years if I don't do something now.  In addition to some exercises he wants me to do, the additional weight he wants me to lose, and the Yoga he thinks I'd enjoy, he is putting me on a course of shots to the knees called Euflexxa.  I'll get shots three weeks in a row, and combined with stretching and exercise, I should be good to go, though don't expect to see me jogging up and down the streets.

In the mean time, there is no rhyme or reason to the fact that sometimes, my knees feel fine, but the next minute, there is a sharp pain like a knife grinding into the knees.  Keeping the pain pills handy, but not to the point of having Eva sign me up for that Intervention show on TV.

Speaking of TV:  I have been following Emily, The Real Wife of Ciudad Juarez since I heard her on This American Life.  This week, she posted a pretty harsh review of the FX TV show, The Bridge.  Her points are all valid, talking about how unrealistic the portrayal of characters are, the stereotypes and such.  I get all that and I suspect if we lived there, we'd hate it too.  But in the mean time, I just love that show.  It is a really good mystery.  Suspend your reality and check it out from the beginning, won't you?  And seriously, check out Emily's blog.  If you have ever thought the immigration issue didn't matter, read this lady and you will understand just how screwed up and ridiculous our laws are.

We watched a few good movies in the past week or so.  Oblivion with Tom Cruise was, in my opinion, fantastic.  I am not a science fiction sort of guy (in fact, I still haven't made it through my sister Susan's book in progress yet), but I just loved Oblivion.   And I don't care what anyone says, Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor.

We also checked out a movie called, The Descendents with George Clooney.  What an interesting and moving movie.  Of note, a guy who plays a man who had an affair with George Clooney's wife (who spends the entire movie in a coma) is one of the actors in The Bridge.  Matthew Lillard is also the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo.  I Love  We really enjoyed it, and I think you will too.
That's it.  I think I'm caught up here.  I'll leave you with a picture taken by the nice lady sitting next to me at the game.  She kept taking pictures of herself throughout the game, I guess contemplating a change to her profile on FB or something.  So I said, "You are very pretty, but I know how you could look even prettier in your picture."  She said, "Oh really, how's that?"  I told her she should take the picture with me in it.  And she did.  Her boyfriend just laughed at us.  She said we looked good together and I said, Careful now, my wife is just sitting down there.  "Oh no - you're trying to get my ass kicked!"  It was all good fun.


Sabra said...

I think if you're the only one standing and you refuse to sit even when asked, the principle you're standing on is "I'm a jerk." Not something I'd want to go with, personally.

At what point did we stop teaching our kids to respect societal norms?

Dave said...

Valid point. And I thank you for being courteous and not telling me I used the wrong principal vs principle.

See how easy that was, kids?