Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coffee is Served...

You know the drill - we buy a new coffee pot, it seems like every 6 months.  I agreed with the peculator only because Eva found a little timer set-up so I can wake-up to the sound of coffee being brewed in the morning.
I have to admit, it tastes pretty good brewed this way.

Last night we were all set to tune into channel 623 on DirecTV to watch the UTSA vs UTEP game.  Turns out, we get some sort of error saying that we aren't subscribed to the channel.  I called up DirecTV and after getting myself out of the automated call tree, I talked with a nice lady from India.  She explained that the game was blacked out in our area.  Our area, being Texas.  Seriously?

So some quick research on the Internet revealed that there is some sort of dispute between CBS and the local cable provider.  And how is this my problem trying to watch a game on Fox?

We tried to watch the game through The Rowdy Zone via the Internet, but no luck there either.  So, we sat out on the patio and did it the old fashioned way, listening to the game on the radio, The Ticket 760 via I Heart Radio.  It would have been great to see it, but the announcers painted a great picture of the game and the Roadrunners won, so it was that much better.

This morning, Eva's friend from high school sent some pictures from the game.  Her son is the snapper, Jesse Medrano, so the proud mama took the long drive to El Paso to watch in person.  The Sun Bowl is a beautiful stadium setting surrounded by mountains that can be seen as the sun sets. 

Next week, there is no blackout for us.  We'll watch at the Alamodome!

The rest of the yard isn't going to mow itself.  Guess I better get out there.


Brigid said...

Love the percolator. I haven't used one of those in years. I live in a 107 year old house. An old percolator would fit its personality a lot more than my Kurig. Have a great weekend.

Dave said...

An old percolator would fit its personality a lot more than my Kurig.

Yes - the sound in the morning of the peculator is so very different from the hiss and pops of the Kurig. Feels like being a little kid and hearing my dad getting ready for work while all the kids (but me) slept in. Funny how sounds and smells can bring back such rich memories.