Friday, August 2, 2013

Tickets, Stools, Crazy Cats...

For Furlough Friday, I have an exciting day of cleaning out my garage planned.  I know, you can't pay for this sort of thrill.  We'll see how far I get before the fireball comes out and forces me back into the safety of air conditioned house.
 In the meantime, some exciting news.  Our tickets for the UTSA Roadrunners Football arrived in the mail.
I seriously wonder if we will win a single home game, but it will be exciting all the same.
I have to take a break from making Adirondack chairs (hence, cleaning out the garage today).  But that didn't stop me from experimenting with some foot stools to go along with them.  There were some plans online I could have downloaded, but I wanted the stools to match the chairs, so I basically followed the design of the chair, then just cut it short to create the foot rest.
My first one did not come out how I wanted though.  I placed the legs on the outside, like the chair, but I'm just not happy with it.
On the second one, I placed the legs on the inside and I think it looks much better.  Now I just need to do some final sanding and get them stained.
Last evening, Eva and I ran down to Lytle to get some gas in her truck and upon our return, we were pulling into the driveway and she started screaming furiously at that !@$&*$% cat!  I had no idea what she was yammering on about until she pointed to the big clay pot on the front patio.
My son and I laughed hysterically at the cat and how bent out of shape Eva was.  The funny thing was, Eva kept thinking she was doing something wrong and that the plant just wasn't working out.  Come to find out, Little Kitty just happens to enjoy nesting in the cool plant on a hot day. 

The garage ain't gonna clean itself...

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