Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lunch Report: Little Gretel in Boerne...

For my last Furlough Friday, Eva had wanted to do something adventurous - more adventurous than me making Adirondack chairs, cleaning out the garage or building Cornhole boards, so we decided to take a little ride up I-10 to the small hill country town of Boerne.   I'm not sure that qualifies as adventurous, given that Boerne is really a small, hip, fancy town of antique shops and wine bars.  I don't mean to make the place sound uppity at all, just saying, you aren't likely to encounter any wild animals or outlaws crossing the street.
Boerne is a place where, if I had the money, I could see retiring in an old restored place, spending mornings enjoying $5.00 coffee and a $7.00 pastry reading the paper and watching tourists wander up and down the street.  But, financially speaking, I think we made the right choice moving south west to Natalia!
Don't let my description sour you on Boerne.  If you have the chance, seriously, it is a nice place and you won't be disappointed in spending an afternoon walking up and down the Main street and enjoying the shops.  In fact, we went into a store called Calamity Jane's, and just fell in love with so many of the beautiful pieces in there.  And if I ever win the lottery...
We didn't do an extensive tour of the entire town, given the nature of my bum knee, but we did stop in several interesting shops including a hardware store that was half, normal hardware store and half, old style antique shop. 
One shop we really wanted to go into but didn't because they seemed to be closed for lunch was a place called Flashback.  It was loaded (from what we could see through the doorway) with all the old signs and statues from yesteryear.  Imagine watching American Pickers or American Restoration, and you get the idea.  This place would be worth a trip back just to see inside.
After our walk, we had built up an appetite and to be honest, I was prepared to go back for another visit to The Dodging Duck, a place we ate at a few years ago.  Instead, we ended up a few doors down at an excellent Czech place called, Little Gretel's Biergarten.  A great choice!
I'm sure we could have dined outside, but we chose the air conditioned comfort of the indoor dining room and got great seats next to the bar where we could chat with one of the co-owners.   Okay, my pictures don't do the place justice.  Just go to the web page and you can see how it really looks.
I did try the Pilsner Urquell which is one of the four beers on tap. Not bad at all.
When we saw that Reubens were on the menu, Tyler and I needed look no further.  Tyler had a salad instead of fries (since he is dedicated like that).  The funny thing was, they still gave him a full size plate which made the Uncle Reuben's Reuben look quite petite.  In spite of the smallish portion, it was a mouth watering, wonderful sandwich.
This is what it looks like if you have the fries. 

Eva and Roxanne decided to split their plates, so one ordered an avocado burger and the other got the club sandwich.  Both were great choices.
This club was very nicely done, and of course, I had to have a bite or two just to be sure they weren't kidding.  Outstanding.
Easily, the big surprise and awesome treat was the avocado bacon burger.  Seriously, you'd think that you would want to go back for some schnitzel or something Tex-Czech, but this burger stands on its own as a reason for a return.  The soft sourdough bun was wonderful.
When we were done stuffing our faces, our waiter very nicely persuaded the girls into a dessert.  The German chocolate cake, was, I am told, to die for.  The presentation certainly was fantastic.
 I think Boerne is one of those towns like many other Hill Country villages that make for an enjoyable visit during the week.  It doesn't cost anything to park and walk the shops, enjoying the nice atmosphere.  We still would like to spend a night and just walk the entire town, but even if that isn't your thing, you ought to go just for a nice meal.
If you take a drive down River Road in Boerne, right next to the big sculpture garden, you'll find Little Gretel, and I promise, you'll be in for a Tasty Treat.  


MsBelinda said...

I have always wanted to take the time to explore Boerne.

The food as usual, in all your reviews looks wonderful.

Hope the knee is doing better.

Dave said...

My knee is actually feeling much better, thanks. I don't think I could run a marathon or anything, but I am able to get around without the pain I was experiencing last week. Of course, I'm all hopped up on drugs, too.