Monday, August 19, 2013

Lunch Report: The Granary at The Pearl Brewery...

We try to get down to the Pearl Brewery complex at least every few months to see what new and exciting things are happening.  I am a huge fan of redeveloping areas into new businesses, and this place has been moving right along for a few years now.
We caught the very end of the Farmer's Market that takes place on weekends at The Pearl, and then focused our energy on the important thing - getting something good to eat.  There are several well-reviewed restaurants in and around Pearl, but Eva had a hankerin' for some Barbecue.  This made the choice easy:  The Granary Cue and Brew located on Avenue A.
 The Granary is in a really well restored house with a beautiful porch and outdoor seating area.
Inside, the place is solid wood from the floors, walls, ceiling and the tables with bench style seating.  This is not some 2 X 4's nailed together for an out backyard set-up.  It may be barbecue, but the class is obvious.  We walked into the main hallway which leads to the drink and food order area.  With four beers brewed there at the restaurant on tap, we eventually ordered a flight just to try them all (more on that in a bit), plus some iced tea that was just out of this world good.  After the drink orders, we moved down to the cashier who took our food order and our money.  From there, we found a seat and waited very briefly for the order.

I had a Brown Ale which, as I passed it around the table, got a universal thumbs down.  Don't let that stop you - in honesty, I am a fan of beers like Newcastle Brown, but not a real Guinness drinker.  I think we all agreed - and not like that is scientific, that there was a weird after taste.  There was an Irish Red that we all agreed was very good.  Likewise, the Rye Saisan we all found very doable.  The IPA was not bad but for a few at our table, it was very hoppy.  I think maybe we should just stick to the beers they sell at HEB, but again, I don't want to give the impression that there was anything wrong.  In fact, they have a much wider selection of beers, we just wanted to try the house brews.
More importantly, the vittles!  Our group ordered several two-meat plates.  Between us all, we had brisket, turkey, sausage, and pulled pork.  On the table, a house sauce was made available and it was very good, but honestly, not needed.
Each of these meats stand on their own.  The brisket was especially good.  Very tender and not too smokey.  The pulled pork was quite good, though I'm sure I've had better, but this was certainly worth a try.  The bread stacked on the plate is made there in the kitchen.  I ended up piling on some pulled pork, some pickles and a bit of the sauce, and wow - it was excellent.
The sides are very much worth mentioning.  The baked beans are cooked out on the grill with the meats, and there are generous chunks of brisket mixed in the beans.  We aren't the classiest people to show up at The Granary, but we weren't the only ones licking the bowls clean, either.  And the potato salad was a solid choice as well.  These are the little red potatoes with a nice blend of creamy goodness.
My daughter was not a fan of the texture of the sausage - it is that style that sort of breaks up when you bite into it - but there is no questioning the taste.  Again, unless you are put off by the innards crumbling when you cut a slice, you'll enjoy it.  I know, I did.

We also had a plate with turkey and the Cole slaw as a side.  We agreed that the slaw might have been a little more creamy, but nobody was willing to say it was bad.  Just good.  My son claimed the turkey was better than Rudy's and just not as peppery.  Very moist, and easy to cut.  Good stuff.

If you skip the beer, and you really shouldn't,  I think you can get out of there with your wallet in tact.  The prices are no more than what you'd pay at Rudy's or Augie's.  We were there for lunch but in talking with one of the friendly staff, I learned that dinner is an entirely different concept/presentation than lunch.  I think it would be worth a visit because it all looks and smells so good.
With each trip down to The Pearl, we find more new and interesting things to check out.  Given that they offer free parking and so many free activities, you owe it to yourself to make the short trip.  And believe me, you will smell the delicious goodness coming from The Granary; follow your nose and find yourself some interesting brew and some wonderful 'cue.  I think you'll agree, it's a Tasty Treat!


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Dave, Drive a little NorthWest to Lockhart Texas, Kreuz Market. You will not be dissappointed.