Friday, August 16, 2013

Knees, Cornholes, and Did I Mention Knees?

So late Sunday, last weekend, not this most recent weekend (I only mention this so you understand a full week has gone by), I had finished a full day of yard work and the beginnings of a new set of Corn hole boards.  More on those in a bit. I showered, then sat my ass on the recliner to commence watching our Sunday evening shows when suddenly, I realized that my knees hurt more than usual, and strangely, my right knee was hurting way more than the normal bad knee, my left one.

I thought, perhaps I should get up and grab a frozen Karo syrup pack that we keep in the freezer for just such an occasion.  So just a bit of background - my knees are jacked up and I often feel serious pain after a day of yard work.  We keep the Karo syrup packs in the freezer and they help relive the pain.  That and Celebrex.

Anyway, when I stood up, I got a sharp pain through my right knee, sort of like a knife to the groin, but in the knee.  I yelped.

My drive to work on Monday was quite awkward in that, I was gritting in pain due to the position of my knee as I drove.  My walk in from the parking lot was entertaining.  Some guy told me I looked like I was doing that John Wayne walk from The Bird Cage, where Robin Williams character says to Nathan Lane's, "Actually, it's perfect. I just never realized John Wayne walked like that."

It didn't take long for me to call into Big Willy for an Urgent Care appointment.  I'll save you all the bureaucratic detail, but by Thursday I had to call and get another appointment since I seemed to have been lost in the system.  Went in for a Friday visit, got some x-rays and a reloaded Tramadol prescription and hoped to get a call for orthopedics.  On Wednesday, I went to see another doctor and he thought I had Gout!  That was quickly ruled out but he did poke my knee numerous times with several needles (steroid shots) and the end result was that I feel much, much better.  I have an ortho appointment next month and aside from feeling a little tender in the knees, I should be alright.

Moral of the story:  Don't get old, fat or have bad knees.

The bad knees did slow me down, but luckily I had the kids around to help me put together two more sets of cornhole boards.  A colleague of mine offered to buy all the materials if I would provide the expertise so we decided to make him one for Texas A&M and knock out another for Tyler, and his beloved Michigan State.

I'll skip all the sawing and sanding and drilling and cutting and such and go right into the painting.  If you need to see details of the actual construction, check out the previous post here.
As Eva and I sat back and relaxed, my team of painters, Taz, Tyler and Roxanne got into action putting on the base coats for the colors.  In case you weren't aware, you can go to most paint places or big box home improvement stores and ask for team colors and they will have the official formula. 
We bought paint with primer already in it so as to skip the part of first priming all the boards.  I would discourage that.  In the future - assuming we make anymore, we will definitely use a primer like Kilz on all the surfaces first.  Both sets have at least 4 or 5 coats of paint on them.
Once again, the folks at ZGrafix came through with our logos.  They had the Texas A&M and the Spartan logos done in just a day. 
Even then, things were looking a little shaky in my mind.  It wasn't until we did the 7 or 8 coats of PolyCrylic.  This stuff works wonders in appearance and it makes a perfect gaming surface for the bean bags.  I am happy to report that my Aggie friend and Tyler were both happy with their team cornhole boards.

Today is Friday, my final Furlough Friday.  We are off to the small town of Boerne in the hill country to do some exploring and lunch.  We'll see how my knees hold out both on the drive there and the walking around.  I'll bring drugs just in case!


MsBelinda said...

I am sorry to hear about your knees and glad you are feeling better.

Wow, I am impressed with your cornhole boards, well done!

Steve said...

After moving 10 1/2 tons of 1 1/2" river rock in one day and aggravating the arthritis in my right knee that I didn't know I had, I have determined that playing golf and riding motorcycles are much less hazardous activities than yard work. Take care of them bones sir! As my Dad says, gettin old ain't for sissies.


Dave said...

gettin old ain't for sissies.

No kidding!