Sunday, August 18, 2013

Discovering Dinosaurs Exhibit

On Saturday, we tagged along with the little one to see an exhibit at the Freeman Coliseum exposition center called, Discovering Dinosaurs.  If you listened to any radio or TV this past week, you heard the advertisements.
So here's the deal.  They set up a bunch of displays of these Chuck E. Cheese style animatronic dinosaurs, and you walk through each section so you can let the kids push the buttons that make the animals come to life.  Come to life equates to moving the head or maybe wagging a tail.
My Favorite: Biggus Dorkus
Let me say that I made a real amateur mistake of using the flash on my camera, so you can actually see how fake and plastic these dinosaurs are.  Not that I expected them to be, you know, the real dinosaurs.  But anyway, in fairness, it did look a lot better in person.
 Anyway, our little girl was not all that excited at first.  In fact, we made it through half the exhibit before she decided she liked the dinosaurs. 
The end of the exhibit culminates in a gift shop (of course) and then an area where you can pay extra to get on a bounce thing with a bunch of other little germ infested kids.  No thanks, we have our own bounce thing at home.

I don't mean to complain, but for what they charge to go into these places (and this does not include the extra cost for the bouncy things), about $60 for the 4 of us, it really is pretty lame.  I recall visiting Disney World back when I was a kid in the 70's, and the animatronics were far superior to this display.  Granted, this is a transportable show, but still, in 35 years we haven't gotten better?  This was a $5 ride, at best.

And it is now official: I am a cranky old man.  Get off of my grass, you kids!



did you see a Jesus display too?

Dave said...

Ha ha. Yea, that would have been in the extra pay section, no doubt riding a Tyrannosaurus.

Albatross said...

It doesn't look like that lighting helped the realism at all, either. Am I seeing just pinks and greens?