Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Daily Deer...

I haven't even had the deer cam out in a month or so but the other night I thought I should put it facing the back fence where a family of about 11 or so deer live.  Then, this afternoon on our way home, I pulled the truck to a stop so we could watch a mother and her new little baby.  By the time I could try to get a picture, the little baby which stood about half the size of Gracie, took off running and the mother was right along with her.
And that reminded me to check the deer cam.  Not as exciting as a new fawn, but a smiling face nonetheless. 

Oh, and notice the temperature at 7:39 in the evening.  The camera is mounted in the shade of a tree, and I'd say it is pretty darn accurate.


MsBelinda said...

Even though you were not able to catch the baby deer this one is a cutie too.

Dave said...

We'll be keeping a sharp eye out and a camera handy. They are so cute when they are tiny like that.