Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lunch Report: La Tuna Grill...

As they say on the Internet, Oh. My. God.  I just woke up from a three hour nap following the thorough stuffing of my tummy with a wonderfully tasty, perfectly cooked and expertly prepared and presented burger from La Tuna Grill in downtown SAT.
We've stopped into the tree covered picnic table area of La Tuna for an after meal beer a few times but never could seem to make it into the restaurant that shares the property until today.  Eva had it in her mind that we would eat at La Tuna Grill this weekend, and though we had to wait until 2PM, our late lunch was just what our hungry appetites ordered.
Until one of the proprietors told me after we ate, I had no idea that the grill and the ice house were actually two separate businesses.   And now it makes sense that the hours are different.
Inside, the place is obviously much fancier than the beer bottle cap covered rocks and picnic tables that await you outside.  The seating area is tight and within a few minutes of opening, the dining room was full.  Conveniently, and if it isn't 108 degrees like it was today, you could sit outside in the shade if the place is too packed for your tastes.
Someone had suggested we order the fried mushrooms as an appetizer.  This was the half-order, and between three of us, we took half the half-order home.  Get them with the Ranch dressing and enjoy while they are hot!  Good stuff.
My son ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich which was on special this afternoon.  Loaded with bacon and alfalfa sprouts on wheat toast and plenty of fixin's on the side, he was extremely pleased with the cool selection.  And those look like sweet potato fries, but they aren't.  What they are is really, really good.
Eva had the Cheesy Burger which is a half-pound of Angus beef covered in gooey cheese and served on a grilled bun.  They provide plenty of pickles and lettuce and tomato, etc., so you can build it out the way you want.
I also had the cheesy burger but went two steps further and added grilled jalapenos and bacon.  Somebody, just put me out of my misery now.  This burger was so incredibly delicious that I had to take random breaks to sit there and enjoy it, and to see if I could finish it all. 
That is my face on fire from the freshly chopped and grilled jalapenos.  I rarely leave even a scrap, but my fries had to go home in the Styrofoam box along with the rest of the mushrooms.
The wait staff was Johnny-on-the-spot with iced tea refills and all three of us raved about how good the freshly brewed tea was. 
Do not wait any longer.  Get yourself down to La Tuna Grill and try some of the goodness coming from that kitchen.   If the food and service are anything like what we got today, you'll be in for a Tasty Treat.

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MsBelinda said...

I wish I didn't live three hours away from San Antonio because ALL the food you guys ordered looks delicious!