Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's Father's Day...

And an opportunity for me to catch up on a few things.  First off, the Adirondack project.
After only a slight miscue, the second chair got glued and screwed (as we say in the Adirondack chair building community).
Next, I was able to get some stain on it in between rain storms.  When I look at it by itself, I like it.  It has a really interesting color pattern to it. 
 The color I'm using is from Olympic called Redwood Naturaltone.  It took one full can to do both chairs, and honestly, I don't know if that is too much or not enough.
 Anyway, sitting next to the first chair, I begin to question my staining skills, though in fairness, I used wood from two different sources on these, so perhaps that is part of the cause.  Or perhaps I need to spend a few hours in front of Norm Abram re-runs and get smart.
On Saturday, we met up with our kids for a Father-day lunch at The Yard House over in La Cantera.  You have to appreciate the large, comfortable set-up of this place.  Lots of TV screens, spacious seating (we easily sat 6 in our booth), and the cool display of beer kegs and overhead pipes transporting said beer to the bar in the center.  I didn't even try one of the 2 pages worth of beers on tap, but there certainly were some that looked interesting.
I am pretty sure this was my first time eating at YH, though everyone else had been there a few times or more.  That was why everyone was really confused about what happened with our order.  We had our granddaughter with us and so the server said he would get her kids pizza out right away (which was a huge bonus).  Sure enough, here comes the pizza (which was huge) and I'm thinking really positive thoughts about the service.
After another 5 minutes or so a server brings out Eva's half-club, half-salad lunch combo.  I could tell by the confusion on the server's face that something was amiss.  After about 10 minutes, first our original server came by to apologize and say the rest of the stuff is on the way, then a few minutes later, a manager came buy to apologize and say there was a computer problem in the kitchen and our stuff would be right out.  Long story short, Eva slowly picked at her food trying to have something left by the time the rest of us were served.  I think we are all casual enough that it was no big deal, but still, can you imagine being on a first date with someone and half the order comes out 15 minutes later than the first?
So when I did get my Pastrami sandwich, I thought it was pretty good.  Throwing in some Jalapenos was a good trick.  Very enjoyable. 
The fries are those skinny type that are okay but you feel the urge to eat with a fork.
My son order an avocado Swiss burger but got something different.  You know the rule, never send anything back to the kitchen, so the server brought him slices of avocado to top it with. 

The food was all good, and in terms of our server being Johnny on the spot with iced tea refills, I was completely happy.  But if I had not had the rest of the people at the table telling me that our little serving glitch was not a normal thing, I'd be prepared to never return.  And I think that in itself is one of the problems about restaurant reviews in general; sometimes shit happens and not everything goes as planned.  I'm happy to go back and see if I can get some fish & chips along with a nice custom brew.

Here is something weird. 
I think Little Kitty is an alien.
Last week we had a yard sale that mostly resulted in me taking a bunch of stuff to Good Will.  And to reduce our income, Eva went down the street to the neighbor's yard sale and bought a little play house.  I didn't think Isabella would have any interest in it, but sure enough, she loves it.  And so does Gracie!

Did I mention today is Father's Day? 
Last October, my dad passed away - you recall the video, right?  Father's Day is just one of those reminders because you aren't scrambling to get a card mailed out in time. 
But Eva has a few years of experience on me in this area.  We lost her father over a decade ago. 

So, I'm not a huge fan of the Hallmark Holidays, but at least take a minute to think about the ones you have and the ones you had.

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MsBelinda said...

I don't believe I have ever seen overhead beer pipes at any establishment...pretty neat.

As you say sometimes things go amiss but glad the food was good. It looks quite delicious from this end.

I lost my dad sometime ago but he sure is remembered and loved.

Have a great Father's Day and may a Spurs win bring joy to many father's in the area :)