Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lunch Report: Texas Land and Cattle...

We had the need for a celebratory lunch on Tuesday, what with it being our anniversary and the day our daughter and son-in-law closed on their first home.  So, with me playing hookey from work, we all met up at Texas Land & Cattle over on I-10 at Wurzbach.  Eva reminded me that we had been to this place before, but I didn't really believe her until I recognized the glass enclosed bar.  I suspect they smoke in there.  You can read about our last visit, here.

Anyway, I'll spare you the detailed description of the place, suffice it to say there is the horns end of a cow mounted on the wall, a few cool cow paintings and a bunch of flat screen TV's throughout the place showing ESPN.

We had fantastic service.  Our waiter was a pro and he had just the right amount of personality combined with, the important ability to leave us alone while keeping an eye on the table in case we started to look like we needed him.  I wish more waitstaff could learn that little skill.  I offer all of these accolades only to say that either he got my order wrong or I told him I wanted the wrong thing. 

The problem is too many choices.  Looking at the menu, I asked for the sirloin and shrimp combo.  The real name for that is Smoked Sirloin and Shrimp Combo.  What he wrote down and served was Garlic Steak and Shrimp.  When I got the food, I was pretty sure it wasn't what I was expecting, but you know my rule of never sending anything back to the kitchen, the spitting and all that. 
So this is what I got.  In fairness, this is a good plate for $17.99.  Of course, what I wanted was $19.99, but I digress.  Eva got a similar 6 oz steak.  I would not say that the steak was bad at all, but the word average comes to mind.  The added garlic mixture on top was certainly flavorful.  The shrimp, I opted for grilled versus fried, were great.  The little dipping oil was okay but not necessary.  I don't know if they seasoned the shrimp, but they came out perfectly done without overcooking and I enjoyed them more than the steak.

The baked potato was a total loss in my book.  It looks loaded, but it was missing butter, there was only a hint of sour cream, and I think it may have been undercooked.  One of the things I enjoy about Texas Roadhouse is the way they do up their baked potatoes, you know, with the salted outer skin and all that.  The other saving grace, besides the shrimp and the service, was the salad I didn't take a picture of.  It was excellent.  
Okay, my son-in-law apparently knew the words needed to order what he wanted.  This was the smoked sirloin I thought I was ordering.  And thankfully, he shared a bite topped with the grilled onions.  Delicious.  If I ever go back to TXLC, this is definitely what I will order, perhaps using the traditional, point-at-the-menu method. 
By all reports, the garlic mashed potatoes were a hit with the kids.  And both my son and daughter had similar comments on their steaks - okay but not great.  So the lesson we've learned here is that TXLC should limit the menu to salad, shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes and smoked sirloin with grilled onions.  Oh, and the tasty baked bread they bring you.  And the iced tea.


MsBelinda said...

First congratulations all the way around to you and Eva for your anniversary and to your daughter and son-in-law for the purchase of their new home.

I love reading your restaurant reviews but I hate looking at the pictures because they look so good they make me hungry :(


which is why I only eat at pizza house..I've never had a bad meal.. consistency is the key to a good restaurant.