Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ketchup and Anderklondikes...

I just have a few quick notes to post before we dive head first into must-see Sunday night TV - you know, Mad Men and The Borgias among others that will have to wait on the DVR.
First off, you won't care if you are living in a non-HEB or non-What-a-Burger state, but as we wandered the aisles of our HEB Plus this morning, I noticed an entire section of the condiment shelves cleared out. 
That can only mean one thing!  Yes, fast food ketchup that you usually steal from your favorite burger place are now (or soon to be) available for sale.  This means I won't have to carry a purse with me to the What-a-Burger anymore.
Okay, you recall a while back when I purchased plans to build an Adirondack chair, right?  It was a big fail because I just didn't have the right tools.  Well screw that!  Harbor Freight had a scroll saw for $67.00 and I had a nice 15% coupon on my phone, so after tax, this baby was $62.00 (plus the cost of several new blades I had to buy right away, but we'll save that story for another day).
And after lunch, I got the boards I had already marked for cutting out and commenced to cut.
I still have several more boards worth to cut, but it was so nice to see every thing starting to come together.  Of course, I'll need to do a lot of sanding and I may even bust out the router and put a nice rounded edge on the pieces before assembling it.
Eva still says this is the most expensive Anderklondike chair in the history of the world.  Anderklondike is our new term since we heard Shelby on AxMen refer to a chair he saw with that fun pronunciation.

This was a great weekend for us.  Lots of fun with family and friends.  More posts when I can...

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MsBelinda said...

"This means I won't have to carry a purse with me to the What-a-Burger anymore."

jajajajaja...I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes!

Will have to look for them at our local HEB.