Thursday, April 18, 2013

West, By Goddess, Texas...

That is how Jackiesue, often known as Yellowdog Granny, refers to her beloved small town of West.  If you haven't seen the news, you mustn't have a TV or the Internet.  Last night as we watched something unimportant, I had just left a comment on Jackie's Facebook page regarding a spectacular mustard meatloaf sandwich she had made herself.  Then, another friend from Dallas posted about the explosion in West.

Following several efforts to to reach Jackie via Facebook, Eva gave up and called her, and thankfully  learned she was safe but busy assisting people of her town.  

Now that her Internet is back up and she has had a chance to rest, you really should go read her account of the situation.  You can begin reading here

Your donations can go here:
P.O. BOX #279
WEST, TX 76691



thanks Dave and much love to your sweet wife..was so great in the midst of all the horror to hear her voice..perked me up and made the rest of the night a snap.

MsBelinda said...

Thanks for the link Dave. I had seen her posts on mutual blogs but did not realize she lived in West, Texas.