Sunday, April 21, 2013

UPDATE: A Horse Walks Into a Bar...

So just to wrap up the whole horse situation.  We thought everything was over and a happy ending was had by all when Eva received a call from Jo and Val, the ladies from Wings and Reins horse rescue.

It turns out that the horses owners who live in San Antonio but keep the horses out here near Natalia tracked them down through the Medina Country Sheriff's office, who obviously were familiar with the horses given the number of calls received by concerned neighbors.  You would think that everybody would be happy when the rightful owners are reunited with their stray horses,  but the problem is, these horses did have some medical issues (worms and such) and in one case, something that is either abuse or at minimum, abusive negligence. 
Only one of the horses had a bridal on it, and it was clear once we were up close, that this bridal had been on for so long without any size adjustment that the horses head was growing around it.  When Jo finally got the thing off, you could clearly see the indention in the poor things face.

In addition to being out the expenses and time it took for the WAR team to come and get the horses, they had the concerns that these animals might not receive the care they need in order to get well.
As we drove out of our neighborhood, we actually saw where the horses came from (and where they are now).  As the crow flies, they are probably only a mile or so from our place, so it is easy to see how they made their way out here.  What is not easy to see is how they got out given that the property is completely fenced.  Ms. Belinda left a comment on the earlier post about how people often let the horses out to feed on other peoples property and then act like it was an accident.  I doubted that, but now I'm not so sure.

Regardless, I really do hope that these horses get the care they need and that we will continue to see them enjoying life in the pasture as we drive by.

If you would like to learn more about Wings and Reins, I hope you will take a minute to go by their web page and if you are so inclined, offer a donation.

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MsBelinda said...

Thank you for the update. I am going to go check out their site.

I am concerned for Walter a horse my neighbors keep and who constantly goes without food and water but the Sheriff's department does nothing about it.

Looks like your neighbors do not keep up with the health and well being of their horses either.

That bridal thing is clearly abuse.