Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just my 2 cents...

It might have been funny if I had posted this on the 1st of April (note the postmark), but like a lot of things, this check has been sitting around in my "to do" box for a while.

Anyway, whenever we get some sort of refund check in the mail, it is unexpected and in a way, it is like winning the lottery.  Well, a little lottery.
36 cents to send a check for $0.02.  That is not a very good business case, though in truth, I doubt Eva will spend the gas needed to go to the bank to cash it, so they got that going for them.


MsBelinda said...

When I worked in the oil industry we used to have to send out checks for similar amounts to royalty owners whose wells had long ago stopped producing.

The good thing was that it was only twice a year for amounts less than $10.00.

Like you said it is not worth the gas to go cash them.

Oh no you have word verification and I have poor eye sight :(

Dave said...

Oh no you have word verification and I have poor eye sight :(

MsBelinda, I'm only going to keep it on for a week or so. I think Google and Blogger do a great job of Spam detection, but in the last few weeks, several of the usal suspects have gotten by. I think I can trick them into avoiding my page and then remove the crappy, crazy squiggly letters. I hate word verification with a passion, but I guess it is a necessary evil when so many people want to send crap over the Internet.

MsBelinda said...

Thanks for not making it permanent.

Maureen said...

It's why I love USAA's Deposit @ Home feature. I would deposit that for sure. Eva can hang on to it, though, and drive their bookkeepers nuts for years on end.