Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Horse Walks Into a Bar...

And that was how my morning started.  No, not at a bar, but as I turned onto the main road heading away from our house, I came upon a passel of horses nibbling weeds on the side of the road.
 I stopped to take a picture with my iPhone to capture the event for Eva (and Facebook), and after a second or two, one of them started to walk up to my truck.  These are not wild horses - and one of them even had a bridal.

These same guys have been around our neighborhood since at least the weekend when some folks down the street woke up to find them in their yard.  We also learned that several people had made calls to complain about the wandering animals.
I know, you have to be asking, how does this translate to me coming home from work to find a bunch of horses grazing in my yard?  
Turns out that when the Medina County Animal Control folks came by, one of the guys asked Eva she could let them stay in the yard until the Horse Rescue could come for them.  She has always wanted a pony, so this is sort of the same, right?
Interesting note:  Dogs love to roll around in horse shit.  Just ask Gracie.  Eva had to hose her down outside, and for the remainder of the visit, all dogs will be on leashes!
Another interesting note:  Cats are not afraid of horses until horses make a move as if to signify that they want to eat said cat. 
So as planned, a nice group of folks from Wings and Reins Horse Rescue in Devine pulled up to our second gate with horse trailers and lots of back-up.  Really nice folks and eager to help get these horses to a better place than our yard or wandering up and down the streets.

At some point, they decided to run the horses toward a trailer.  It didn't go so well for trying to catch the horses, but I loved watching them run.

After a few tries, it was decided that our yard offered too much running area and they would need to return tomorrow with some portable fencing, lure the horses into a corner, then get them in the trailers.  We'll see how that goes.
Bonus:  As the horses were grazing, a wild turkey walked into the back yard.  Eva thinks this is a sign from above, telling her she needs to start an animal farm.  I think it is a sign that we shouldn't what until November to eat turkey.

*The bartender says, "Hey buddy, why the long face?"


MsBelinda said...

You know some people let their horses go into private property to graze and then claim they accidentally got out.

It was nice of Eva and you to let them stay another day.

I enjoyed the video but there are some pictures that did not come out...wonder if it is just my computer?

Jeff Bauer said...


John Kerry, Jay Leno, and a horse walk into a bar.

Bartender says, "Guys! Guys! Why the long faces?"

AlanDP said...

I hope you at least got some free fertilizer out of them! Break it up with a rake and mix it in with the sand--your grass will thank you for it.

Dave said...

@MsBelinda: I don't doubt that at all. Many of the horse owners in our neighborhood do let the horses wander along the front parts of the street just to feed and mow! But these guys had been out for several days. I suspect they were abandoned for good.

@Jeff: My wife is now calling her friends and family list to update them on the joke. If only she knew who John Kerry was, it would be a lot funnier for her. But I liked it!

@Alan: While I was at work, there was a lot of digging and spreading. We'll see how it goes. We certainly got our 6 horses X 2 days worth!