Monday, March 25, 2013

The Bluebonnet Visit Wrap-up...

This afternoon, my mom finished her visit to Texas which gave her the opportunity to relax, see a lot of small towns, eat at a few local restaurants, eat some of Eva's good home cooking, and enjoy the Bluebonnets she came to see.  I'd say this hasn't been a banner year for the roadside flower shows, but with the drought, I'd say it wasn't too bad.  We enjoyed having her here, and hopefully, they'll be more visits.

On Saturday, we took a really scenic drive through Floresville and saw a much better showing of the Bluebonnets along Highway 181 and a lot of really beautiful patches along some back road that took us from Loop 1604 into the back side of Floresville.  Lots of incredible views, none of which I captured on camera, due to the curvy nature of the road I was on.  I simply love the look of huge pastures with cattle, the occasional tree off in the distance and barns that have seen their better days. 

Since we were in the area anyway... we stopped off at The Maverick Grill on Hiway 181 between Floresville and Elmendorf.  I'm happy to report that since our last visit, which I wrote about here, the place is still just as good, both in service and quality.  We had steaks, and we ate them!  If you haven't been out that way, you owe it to yourself to stop in. 

On Sunday, we did some of our usual shopping and such in the morning, then ran some errands out in the Alamo Ranch area.  No sense in wasting the day, so we drove into Castroville and La Coste to check out some small antique shops.  People in Texas are very friendly and I like how visitors are treated.

And speaking of treats, Tasty Treats, Sunday evening we closed out the grand tour of Texas with a trip to Rocky's in Devine.  I know I mentioned Rocky's not too long ago, but I have got to tell you just how much my mom loved the place. 

There is so much on the menu to choose from, but we all had a hankerin' for burgers.  As we waited, Rocky came out and provided a farmer's almanac-like explanation of some of the local crops my mom asked about.  He also told us about a huge cattle operation a little further up the road that, after dinner, we promptly took a drive by in order to be amazed at the huge population of walking steaks and burgers on display.

You cannot prepare someone for how good Rocky's burgers are because they are generally used to the usual fare at most places.  And it isn't to say all other burgers are bad, but when you see what great care is involved, from the freshly baked bread, to the huge, gently cooked hunks of meat he serves up, you then realize that this is something special.
 My mom ordered the mushroom Swiss burger.  And she wanted it pink.  I know some of you can't handle the thought of your burger being undercooked, but if you have quality meat and a clean kitchen, you'll be okay.  Look at how thick this thing is.  The bun is made right there in the kitchen and is so soft and fresh and delicious.  Half her burger ended up in the to-go box and made a wonderful breakfast for my mom before flying out today.
And just for good measure, here is a picture of Rocky along with my mom, both looking forward to the next visit when she can check out some of the other menu items.


Jerome said...


I think we might go try out the Maverick Grill one weekend, on your recommendation.

If you all get to San Antonio over the weekend of April 6 / 7, La Villita is hosting the annual Starving Artists Show.

It might make for a good blog post!

Come visit us in Building 6.


Dave said...

"... the weekend of April 6 / 7, La Villita is hosting the annual Starving Artists Show.

Jerome, thanks for the tip. It may just be the ticket - we enjoy the various events put on at La Villita.