Friday, March 8, 2013

My Daily Deer...

What the heck!  I forget to log on for a week or two and the next thing you know, the blog hasn't been updated.  No one to blame but myself.
  A few weeks back, we were at the rodeo when I came across one of the vendors selling cell phone related accessories.  I saw that he had a little docking station extender for the iPhone that allows you to make up for the space that an iPhone cover adds, thereby allowing you to actually dock your iPhone.  If you have any type of cell phone with a case, an Otterbox or something like that, you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't, just trust me. Okay, let me just explain it.
I purchased a radio that is like a boombox which has a waterproof container where, in an ideal world I could place my iPhone inside of it and then, while sitting in the hot tub, listen to music played on my iPhone, but made loud enough to hear over the sound of the water jets by the boombox, all while keeping my iPhone safe from any splashing water.  The problem is, since I have a protective cover on my iPhone, the phone can't properly seat itself onto the dock on the boombox.  Instead of having to remove the phone cover each time I want to use it, I thought the idea of the little docking station extender would be the ticket. 

The problem was, the vendor at the rodeo wanted $20.00 for the little device.  I got on my iPhone (with cover) and found the same product on E-Bay for about $4.00, postage included.  I'm all for making a buck and will gladly pay a few extra dollars for the convenience of buying it on the spot, but not when the guy looks at me with a straight face and says, "Yes, $20 is the correct price."  That is roughly the equivalent of pissing on my back and telling me it is raining while asking me to kindly hold your penis.
 So I received the little dock extender in the mail.  I promptly connected it to my iPhone and placed it into the protective boombox container.  Son of a bitch.  I'll just have Eva sing to me.


Good news.  My Mom is coming for another visit in hopes of seeing bluebonnets.  Of course, our standby course of action is to drive to Fredricksburg since they have that really nice flower place out there, but frankly, I don't think that will be an issue.
 I took these pictures in our yard several days ago, and with the anticipated rain this weekend, I think we'll be just fine right here in Natalia.  I walked out into the yard today to throw some corn out for the deer, and the bluebonnets are well on their way.


This is what it look like when the camera is on and I throw deer corn out.
 This is what it looks like when my son does it.


I know, you just come here for the deer.  So let's see who we have today.
 Here are the usual suspects.  When I was in Junior High, the kids that smoked in the bathroom would usually just have one lookout.  These guys all want to be on the lookout.
 This is interesting to me.  So the one deer in the upper picture jumps but doesn't seem to raise any concern from the other deer in the picture.  They happily continue to eat.  In the second picture, the deer on his own seems to be doing some sort of break-dance, and the two onlookers to the right seem stunned.  What you can't see from the single picture frame is that the deer was moon walking backwards.  You'd be stunned too!


Stacia said...

Always neat for me to see your pics of the deer. I don't get to see that much! Happy Spring!! :)

MsBelinda said...

I love bluebonnets but we don't get too see too many out this way.

Lol, a moon walking deer!

Keith Alan K said...

I'm in the phones/accessory biz now, and agree on the $20 price being utter crap for that adapter. We sell OtterBoxes for less than that! All the accessory stuff from chargers to cases to screen protectors and stylii are a huge ripoff in brick and mortar stores, so stick with Amazon and Ebay. Hell, we'll give a screen protector or stylus away as a free gift just for ordering, and some places like BB charge $16 for the exact same item, so obviously our wholesale price is measured on the cent scale. Just be advised that with chargers and cables the really low-priced ones often don't deliver the amperage printed on the side, so charging can take a lot longer.

What you should consider is an extension cable to connect the phone to the dock:

Sure, it's not as elegant as popping your phone directly into the boombox's cutout, but should you decide to make/take a call or visit Views Of Texas it's more convenient.

My brother just told me a story about how when he left for work on a recent morning, (Harley Sportster) one of our dumber local deer got spooked and ran across the street with a cat on the exact same trajectory. The deer was dancing and prancing so as not to step on the cat, who probably got road rage and heartburn.

a small player in God's plan. said...

Actually, I don't come here JUST for the deer. Personally I'm not really a fan of deer at all (though in NJ they are forced into yards and neighborhoods because of the lack of wooded areas that is shrinking). But the other stuff intrigues me! Keep up the good writing.