Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Daily Deer: Little Kitty Edition...

For several weeks now, we have had a little mystery brewing out here.  The stray cat who adopted us, Little Kitty, lives in our garage.  I have a block of wood under the garage door that leaves enough of a gap that she can squeeze in and out while keeping the door closed enough that the dogs or a coyote walking by wouldn't be able to get in.

Naturally, I was concerned about what might else be able to get in, but as we have seen, Kitty has done a great job at keeping the field mouse population down, and ditto for any little lizards or small birds that come within her reach.

Between the aforementioned snacks of prey, we keep her fed with your standard variety of cat food.  She is not fat by any means, yet, she goes through a lot of food.  This got us to wondering if she was sharing her food with others.  Bring in the deer camera and let the mystery be solved!
So we know that it works, here is Little Kitty in action.  The food and water are just behind her.
What the hey?  I know I have seen this cat wandering around the neighborhood, but have no idea who he/she belongs to.  Hopefully not us!  I never hear any loud cat fights, so I suspect this cat may be here with the permission of Little Kitty. 
Of course, Panda has to sniff around, but dogs don't eat cat food, so she is banned from the garage henceforth.
This was the shocker.  How the heck did that fat raccoon squeeze itself under the garage door open to the width of a 2 X 4?   That is seriously as big as Panda.

Little Kitty has plenty of little hiding spots in the garage, so I'm not all that concerned that the raccoon would try to get her, but I'm not so sure I want to be feeding the entire raccoon population of Natalia.    We may have to rethink our lodging situation.
 UPDATE:  We've decided to leave the food bowl empty at night in hopes that the raccoon will decide there isn't much reason to visit.  This was his reaction Saturday night.  If you notice to the very left edge of the picture, you can see Little Kitty looking at him as if to say, "Nope, not tonight!".  I'll see if this works. 


Steve said...

I'd take a raccoon over a skunk any day!


Anonymous said...

Better reading than an Agatha Christie!

From a dietary point of view, may I suggest adding a Salad bar?

;-) Sharon

Dave said...

@Steve: Yep!

@Sharon: Little Kitty certainly is a carnivore.

AlanDP said...

Yeah, the coons are definitely going to be a problem and they love cat food. My dad had some that would actually come through the cat door into his house to eat the cat food. About the only way to keep them away is to have an outside dog at night to keep them chased away.