Monday, March 18, 2013

My Daily Deer: Bluebonnet Edition...

I have been moving the deer camera (and the places I throw stuff out for the deer) so they won't trample the precious Bluebonnets that have overtaken half the property.  What would be really cool would be a picture of a deer surrounded by Bluebonnets.  I know, but they don't seem to want to come when I whistle and have a camera at the handy.
So instead of deer pictures, I offer you a few of our other assorted pets.  Of course, Gracie always looks lovely.
And Little Kitty just walked over to where I was kneeling with the camera and laid there for a picture as if she was born to do so.
For long time readers who remember her, Panda is back.  Yes, with my daughter and son-in-law moving to San Antonio in a few months, we have "custody" of Panda until they get moved into a house.  Panda loves the Bluebonnets and is a natural in front of the camera.  She is glad it is not snowing.
Did I mention that my Mom is in town to view the Bluebonnets, and (since she is here anyway) to visit us?  It could not have worked out any better.  Here she is posing with the kids. We were so worried about the timing of her visit and there not being anything to see.  As you drive through the sub-division and even along I-35, the drought has left us with a less than spectacular showing this year, so far (18 March) anyway.  But something incredible happened that we could not have predicted or planned. 
Several months back, we had the new lot leveled again with a disc.  It turns out that turning up the soil at that exact moment in time was just what we needed, combined with just enough rain to give us a true bumper crop of Bluebonnets in our own yard!  
On Saturday, we had a small get together at the house and we took more than a few pictures of kids and adults sitting in the Bluebonnets.  You can see, Mya the Bee with her parents, preferring to come and sit with me, rather than pose for pictures.
 And her cousin, our granddaughter, Isabella did not care to pose at all.  I'm sure I looked like a dork, running ahead of her trying to take pictures that contained her face and some Bluebonnets, both at once! Next time!

Too bad we don't have any grass under the Bluebonnets to make the blue and white show up more.  The best Bluebonnet pictures, in my opinion, are taken on the side of the highway where there is a slight hill allowing the flowers to be fully seen, and, you never know what sort of expressions you'll get on the faces of the people posing at an 18-wheeler whizzes by, leaving a gust of wind and dust, scaring the bejeezus out of them.  Good times.
 The downside of all this wonderfulness right here in our own yard is that, my eyes are watering and my nose is running, and my sinuses are in serious pain.  I did the unthinkable and actually left work early, partly because I felt bad, but mostly, because so many people looking at me told me I should really just go home.  Who am I to argue with sound medical advice?   I have taken a combination of Airborne and Zicam for the past 24 hours and I think a Claritan slipped in at some point.   I have never been the type to suffer from allergies, so it could be that I am just randomly sick.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day.


Anonymous said...

All beautiful pictures, from Gracie to the gorgeous Isabella. And did I mention the blue bonnets? How lucky you are! And as a recovering sniffles, get better soon!

Love, Sharon


nothing cuter than little kids getting their pictures taken in a field of favorite flower of all time.