Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lunch Report: Wheeler's in Fredericksburg...

We took a nice scenic drive up I-10 to Comfort, then over to Fredericksburg, mostly with the hopes of showing my mom some nice highway views of Bluebonnets.  Disappointing would be an understatement.  With only a few clumps of Bluebonnets every 10 miles or so, we made up for the lack of flowers with the nice views of the hills and interesting little towns along the way.
Each time I go to Fredericksburg, I threaten to stop and take a picture of this old barn with the ripped-up roof.  This time I did stop, and I'm glad I did.
Once we got into Fredericksburg, I took a right turn and we headed straight over to Wildseed Farm.  My mom pointed out that the coloring of the Bluebonnets there were a lot prettier than the color of the ones in our yard.  Amazing what actually watering the flowers will do for them.
It is a pretty place with lots of pretty things to buy, and it gave my mom a chance to buy a few Bluebonnet related items.
 After all that walking, we needed to grab some vittles and we saw a  restaurant called Wheeler's serving up some German vittles.  I think seeing the sign for Reuben's was all I needed to get my attention.
 Inside, nothing but a clean diner with not a whole lot in terms of swag on the walls.  Our friendly waitress got right to it and grabbed our drinks and took the orders.   We had a chance to watch other folks getting their lunches and there were quite a few interesting plates coming from the kitchen, but clearly, the Reuben was popular.
Eva, not a Reuben fan, went with the bacon cheeseburger.  The bun was good and soft and the fixins were all there.  Especially excellent were the two huge onion rings that came with the fries.  Delicious. After all that, the burger patty itself was most likely of the frozen lunch room style, and it seemed to detract from the overall goodness.  Too bad.
The Reuben plate came with German Potato Salad, or in other words, sliced boiled potatoes in grease with some red cabbage.  My mom took the standard sides.
I subbed the red cabbage with some home made potato chips which were quite good.  The sandwich itself was quite yummy and certainly hit the spot.  I think in hindsight, I would have skipped the potato salad as well as the cabbage and gone with some more of those onion rings.

Overall, we enjoyed the place.  Admittedly, I could have come up with a list of several other places I'd liked to have tried, but when you are hungry and you find something that catches your eye, well, you go with it.
After lunch, we stopped by the Market Platz in town.  We've been there before but never bothered to look at the little Friendship Park with statues and such.  It was a nice way to walk off the lunch and get a few pictures.  Overall, whether was a bit chilly and windy, but given the alternative was blaring sun or rain, I'd say we did alright.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, including that alluring Chico's model posing in front of the cactus garden. Love the barn. We have our favorite scenic barns here in the NE too - I'm always hoping we get one more drive by before they crumble.

Ttyl - Sharon

Anonymous said...

Dang it, when you gonna visit ALAMO SPRINGS CAFE? They just got voted #1 best hamburger in Texas according to COUNTRY REPORTER.

Dave said...

We keep forgetting that place. Next trip to Fredericksburg, Alamo Springs Cafe is the target!