Saturday, March 9, 2013

Linner Report: Liberty Bar in King William...

We met friends for another Linner date in the beautiful King William district in San Antonio this afternoon, hitting it just as the lunch crowd was leaving and finishing up before the dinner crowd came in.  I do love the feeling of having the place to ourselves, for the most part.
 The Liberty Bar had originally been on Josephine Street but moved into an old convent where, as it turns out, Eva's grandmother passed away many years ago.  Yea, so let me just fill you in on that before we go any further. 

There is a bunch of road construction in King William, so you have to detour around to get to the place.  As we were going from street to street, Eva started talking about the fact that she knew the streets around there because in her final weeks of life, her grandmother had been placed in this nursing facility near our destination.  Then, we pulled into the parking lot of The Liberty Bar and Eva said, "This is the place my grandmother died!"  Bon appetit!

When we met our friends before entering, we all had a good laugh over the coincidence and of course they offered to go someplace else if it made Eva uncomfortable, but really, I think she had hopes that perhaps she might have a spiritual moment with the old gal.  No such luck, that I'm aware of.
 We entered through the elevator and went to the top floor to check out the bar area.  The place looks great, lots of wood and such.  I can just imagine the folks who live in the area enjoying a nice drink after work here.
Though the place was not empty, I was able to walk into some of the other dining sections and take a few representative photos.  High ceilings and lots of wood.  Very nice. 
As is our norm, we ordered different dishes so we could try a little of each.  Eva ordered the special, which was some sort of beef tenderloin that was extremely delicious.  When we ordered, there was no real price tag associated with it, so when I told her that her plate was $24.00, she immediately said it was worth every penny.  I have to agree.  Our friend Peg, ordered the same thing and she let me eat several good hunks of hers.  Delicious.  The mushrooms were perfect, the potatoes were fabulous and the sliced tomatoes were great, but more than Eva could eat.
Our friend Briana went with the Codorniz con Mole Verde.  That equates roughly to quail with green mole.  I had a small bite and it tasted like chicken.  They gave her a hot, moist cloth towel to encourage her to pick it up and gnaw on it with her hands.  She did and it was a mess, but good.
I strayed from my normal selections and went with some pork sausage served with a cabbage salad and some outstanding mustard.  I was surprised at how good the salad was and to be honest, the sausage was great.  If I could buy the mustard, I would.  It really was nice and spicy and I loved it. 
The atmosphere was wonderful and our waitress was top notch.  I can imagine this place gets pretty busy during regular dining hours, but that is one of the reasons we like to meet during the off hours.  We were dressed pretty casual, but as the folks were starting to come in for evening meals, the dress was a bit spiffier.  We'd definitely enjoy The Liberty Bar in King William for another Tasty Treat; if you get a chance, you should too. 


AlanDP said...

It probably wasn't wild quail. Actual wild quail is lot like chicken, but with more flavor, if that makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

How is Gracie doing? I HOPE she got a doggie bag to keep her occupied while she recovers! Get well soon, Gracie!

Love, Aunt Sharon


I remember as a kid us going across the border to Neuve Laredo and having quail..I was about 10 and everyone was proud of me because I'd eat something different and had never had before..I remember it being delicious..but I'd been sneaking my Grandpa's tequila too..