Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Fish, Bluebonnets, and Movies...

Is it Easter yet?  Eva can't wait since she gave up Facebook for Lent and feels completely disconnected from the world.  Oh, and there is more.  She won't eat meat on Friday's and by extrapolation, neither can I.  I'll make up for it today, I'm sure.

With my mom visiting, it has given us an opportunity to consider different fish options for Friday's - you know, instead of Fred's Fish Fry or the fish sandwich at What-a-Burger.  My mom actually knows how to fry fish without us whipping out the Fry-Daddy and getting grease all over the place.
 First up, a quick dunk in an egg mixture and some Italian bread crumbs.  The fish is called Basa or Vietnamese catfish.  HEB Plus sales these things in individually wrapped packages for a dollar a piece.  I like regular catfish but Eva just can't deal.  This Basa has zero fish taste, cat or otherwise.
We set-up the little electric skillets outside on the patio since it was so nice out, plus, no need to take a chance on the small of fish, shrimp or onion rings lingering in the kitchen an hour or two later.
Eva had a second little skillet going with onion rings and shrimp.  We made way more food than we could eat but I assure you, it won't go to waste!


 I've noticed the height of the Bluebonnets in the yard is increasing.  When this is all over, I suspect it is going to be quite a chore to mow all this stuff down.  I've already installed new blades on the mower.  Anyway, while they are still here, I offer up a few more shots randomly taken with the camera (Canon PowerShot A2200 HD) set on Auto.
 Imagine what it would look like if we broke down and watered our yard.


Our DVR is working overtime during my mom's visit.  There are several shows we watch that just aren't her cup of tea - like Shameless and Archer.  So, as time allows we have been watching some of the movies that stack up on our DVD shelves. 

As an aside, are you like us when it comes to movies?  First, I do not go in movie theaters, and haven't for years.  For the same price, we just buy the DVD and they sit watched once on a shelf, perfectly alphabetized in case someone needs to borrow one, but other than that, collecting dust.  On the top of the shelf are the movies we have purchased but haven't watched.  It's at least 10 deep right now.  And the first two seasons of Game of Thrones is patiently waiting there, too.

Anyway, this week we knocked out a few.

Argo was fantastic.  You already knew that though, since we are the last ones in the world to have seen it.  Thanks for letting us know.  And any time we can see Walter White with hair on his head, you know it is a good movie.

Zero Dark Thirty was touted as this must see masterpiece.  The topic certainly interests me.  But seriously, this was the longest, mostly boring snoozer I think I have seen in a while.  Can someone explain to me why this movie was so long?  Even the exciting action at the end, you know, the part where they kill UBL, was so slow and agonizingly drawn out.   I would have rather seen a documentary.

I will say that James Gandolfini really stood out as Leon Pannetta, but I like him in most shows.

Flight with Denzel Washington just reminds me of what a great actor he is.  What an utterly depressing movie, but what a powerful story.  Don Cheadle also delivers another powerful performance.  He is a lawyer just trying to help Denzel's alcoholic, drug addicted character to get through the situation.  So even if you are not a pilot, this story has an important message:  Don't drink and fly (or drive).  No matter what the cause of what goes bad, if you are drunk, it is your fault. 

Also, if you were a fan of the show, My Name is Earl and you always wondered what Nadine Velazquez looks like nekkid, now you'll know.  She plays Denzel's partner in crime for the first few minutes of the movie, but I won't spoil it for you. 

That's it in the movie department for now. 



love love love bluebonnets

RB said...

Note to self: Rent nekkid Nadine movie.

Dave said...

Bob, you'll probably just want to buy the DVD since, renting is so temporary.